Smart and Simple Ways To Dress For Success

Whether you are a business owner or job seeker, the first impression you make is key to your future success. Apart from how you smile and talk, your appearance has a lasting impression on the people you meet; it is an extension of your business and personal brand and can either open you to new opportunities or break them. Several surveys have suggested a positive trajectory to good dressing. In 2015, 95% of employers maintained that personal appearance is key to determining your job suitability.  Here are some dressing tips to help you give the right impression at the workplace.

Smart and Simple Ways To Dress For Success

  • Less is more 

Taking the minimalist approach is another excellent way to reduce the distractions of your attire and carry a more professional outlook. It would be best to keep it classy yet straightforward until you are acquainted with your organization’s dress code or standard. After this phase, you can now go for it. After all, fashion is about creatively expressing yourself. As the workplace evolves and clothing standards relax, that’s a better time to push your dressing style. 

  • Ensure your clothing is clean, pressed and well-fitted

Wearing clean clothes is a no-brainer as it is a vital indication of your dignity. Besides its hygienic benefits, wearing clean clothing gives you a fresh and confident look. You are not well-dressed if your cloth doesn’t fit correctly. Instead of picking your clothes based on trends, be sure that you take the clothes that suit you. If it doesn’t fit, it won’t look good regardless. Your posture looks great with well-fitting clothing; it complements your body and draws attention from problem areas. 

  • Wear professional and conservative clothing when in doubt

The requirement to dress conservatively within the working environment should come as no surprise. Doing so would help you create an impression of responsibility and adequately reflect your business and personal brand amongst your colleagues, subordinates, and clients. To dress conservatively means avoiding flashiness and instead dressing formally. Ideally, a shirt, suit, and tie are acceptable for men, while women could go for a business suit with a skirt or trousers, dress shoes, and a blazer. 

  • Choose the right accessories

Choosing the right accessories is an essential part of your entire outfit. While accessorizing can complete your look and define your style, not doing it right can look too distracting and give the wrong impression. Wearing the appropriate accessory can pull together a basic outfit into a classy look. When in doubt, ask yourself if the accessory is complementing your appearance or somewhat distracting. A silver necklace or earrings can give you a classy yet simple and appropriate look. Trade-in your usual plastic Apple watch straps with a leather Apple watch strap to add to your formal look.

Although being in business entails more than just your dressing and appearance, it plays a massive role in your success. Studies have shown that 55% of someone’s impression of you depends on how you look. So, whether it’s a job pitch, an interview, or a networking event, consider these top ideas to make the right impression.   



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