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Here at Natura Culina, we own the concept that ” green is clean” when it comes to beauty. We believe in clarity of nature and the healing power of plants, with the simple trust that you can achieve more with less. We want to educate our skincare users about the elements we are putting on our skin; similar to how we are educated about what we put into our bodies. We believe that everyone deserves to feel healthy, loved and cared for; therefore complete honesty through transparency and customer service is our core focus. Natura Culina takes a stand for Luxurious Fresh Beauty: RELAX. RENEW. RECHARGE.

The Lovely Lenka is offering a fabulous prize package for our readers!

Natura Culina Prize Package

Because so many of you have found the relief you needed in several of our soothing Chamomile face products, and because a few of you have asked, we have decided to put a little kit together for you and your face. When used together and consistently, you will see immediate results.

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Giveaway ends on October 19th at 11:59 PM EST

Open to Residents of the US 18 Year of Age and Older

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Bugs and Hisses Hop – Natura Culina Giveaway

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73 thoughts on “Bugs and Hisses Hop – Natura Culina Giveaway

  1. I would love to try the sugar body scrub because it’s been a while since I used one. Also, I love all the products they have to offer!

  2. The Happy Feet with essential oils sounds delightful for someone with flaky and tired feet (me). I’d definitely pick the “Delight” blend too…I mean, Vanilla and Lavender together? What a ….delight!

  3. I’d also like to try their Hibiscus E Eye Serum. I’m in my 40’s, so my eye area is starting to need serious attention. I’d like to find something that actually worked for puffiness and under eye darkness.

  4. I would like to try the lavender shea butter. It seems like it would be a nourishing and refreshing product.

  5. I learned vThe scent of Delight Body Wash beautifully captures the luscious, romantic and herbal qualities of Vanilla and Lavender to create a calming effect that relieves stress and puts you instantly at ease.The calming effect of Lavender with the rich sweetness of Vanilla creates an oasis of tranquility that will help you relax and unwind.

  6. What makes this foaming facial wash uniquely suited to all skin types is Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil known for its antibacterial properties.

  7. I really like the Sugar Body Scrub – Essential Oils because you can choose which oils are added and it is made with fine sugar (really course bothers my skin)

  8. I love all there products they carry, I would love to try orange blossom or coconut fruit body lotion.

  9. I’d love to try the Sugar Body Scrub Blends. It says they unblock pores for better absorption and I could really use that.

  10. I have always wanted to try a sugar scrub, so I would love to use their SUGAR BODY SCRUB – ESSENTIAL OILS. It seems like it would make your skin SO soft! My poor skin is always so dry.

  11. I want to try the Nourishing Rose Water Facial Mist I have been told that rose water is excellent for aging skin and is fantatstic for under eye issues! Natura’s Rose water is 100% Rose water!

  12. The
    100% all natural, our hydrating Sugar Body Scrub is gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. Spiked with our exclusive blend of Coconut, Jojoba, Sesame and Rosehip Seed Essential oils, combined with granules of fine sugar, this gentle exfoliator will leave your skin supremely soft. Regular exfoliation has been proven to have a significant hydrating and nourishing effect on your skin, and helps increase circulation. It also unblocks those pores for better absorption and lets your skin breathe a little better!”

    Sounds AMAZING!!! I would love to try it, I can already imagine what good it could do for my skin! Thank you for introducing me to a new product!!

  13. I would love to try the Shea butter cream with essential oils. I would especially like the lavender and the orange blossom. They sound like they would smell wonderful and would be thick enough to really moisturize.

  14. They offer samples with a $6 shipping fee to try the product on your skin before you buy the entire set. That is good because everyone’s is different and has different reactions.

  15. I would love to try their Lip Balm HoneyC. I am continuously looking for the next best lip balm and if this performs as the description says I may have found it with this balm.

  16. I would love to try the Hair and Scalp Oil! It appeals to me because of the antioxidant rich Moroccan Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil and fractionated Coconut oil that are blended to hydrate and heal dry hair!

  17. I would like to try the Sugar Scrub with essential oils. I am curious to see how well it does in exfoliating. I didn’t know exfoliating helps to increase circulation.

  18. I would love.to try the shea butter essential oils sampler pack. I have a auto immune disease and I am always having issues with set skin from my medication. I am really excited About this brand thanks

  19. I’d like to try the Sugar Body Scrub in the Delight. I love sugar scrubs and how soft my skin feels after using them! This one sounds like it will smell awesome!!

  20. I am a huge fan of Lavender and went looking for something with it. I would love to try both the Morning Lavender Body Lotion and the Shea Butter – Essential Oils in Lavender for the night time.

    Tea Tree oil just happens to be a little miracle of nature. There’s a reason that it’s known as a ‘medicine cabinet in a bottle!’ Its highly antiseptic qualities make it ideal for the daily fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses and it is often used as a cure for almost all topical infections… wondering how good this will work for hubby cause he works at the dump

  22. I’d like to try the orange blossom sugar scrub. I love how my skin feels after a good scrub. Regular exfoliation helps increase circulation. I can believe it!

  23. Natura Culina,they own the concept that ” green is clean” when it comes to beauty. We believe in clarity of nature and the healing power of plants,Sounds like a wonderful company and they make amazing products.

    1. I would love to try the Exfoliating Perk Me Up Coffee Soap! I love the smell of coffee and I think this would be amazing! I like that they have choice between smooth or exfoliating though. 🙂

  24. I think the soaps sound really nice. I’d love to try the Joyful Heart Goat Milk Soap.
    Thank you for participating in the hop!

  25. I am really into exfoliating face and body scrubs. I am not picky on the scent, as long as it leaves my face and body clean and smooth.

  26. I would love the rose facial oil. It has retinol and other vitamins to help slow the aging process and moisturizer.

  27. I’d also love to try the Rose Facial Mist. I just discovered rose sprays in the past year and would love to try this one out.

  28. I want to try the Nourish With Delight Body Wash. Because I love smell goody body wash and I hate feeling guilty about it.

  29. I would love to try the Hair & Scalp oil. NC products have nourished other things on my person, this would be a lovely addition!

  30. I’d like to try the ANTI-AGING SKINCARE SET because I’m in my 50’s and need some help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I would love to try the lavendar body wash! It is made with sunflower oil which is a natural emollient – helping your skin to retain moisture!

  32. The Anti-Aging Skin Care Set looks terrific. I like that it contains ingredients like Rose Water and certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I’d probably add the Detox mask to the set.

  33. REGENERATING FACIAL OIL sounds like a product I would like to try. It is 100% natural and helps to brighten the skin and slow down the aging process.

  34. I would love to try out there Sandalwood Candle. #1 I love candles and as a busy SAHM I could always use a nice scent to relax me.

  35. I would love to try the anti aging skin care product I like how its all natural organic products and atiabacterial the lavender must smell so nice and refreshing

  36. The Rose Facial Oil sounds wonderful to me. I don’t like to use an oil on my face during the hot summer months; but with winter coming up (when my skin always gets drier); I would love to try this Rose Facial Oil. I can imagine the fragrance would make it even more luxurious to use.

  37. The Cayenne Aid would be really great to have on hand. I like the ingredient list so much more than many other products on the market. We have some similar things that have the menthol and arnica but the addition of the cayenne seems like it would be just the boost the others need to really penetrate.

  38. I really want to try the Botanical Face Mask Set because it’s made with “Bentonite Clay for its power to heal and draw toxins out of skin”. It sounds amazing for my oily skin!

  39. I would love to have the ROSE FACIAL DUO. My wrinkles need all the help they can get and this product looks wonderful.

  40. i learned that they charge $6 flat rate so you can order as much as you want for the same shipping charge! that is important because the shipping can really add up! also, shipping may be a little longer than normal big companies because they make the products fresh in small batches!

  41. I would like to try the SUGAR BODY SCRUB – BLENDS in COCONUT FRUIT scent i like every[hing on the site it is hard to choose

  42. I would love to try one of the Sugar Body Scrubs. I would love to try one of the Blends, such as Sunrise or Gardenia.

  43. Thanks so much for sharing info about this company! I’d not come across them before. I’m highly interested in the Rose Facial Duo, which uses Rose, Rosehip, Calendula and Vitamin E as an anti-aging oil. It sounds soothing and delightful to use!

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