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We feel the pressure on every aspect of our lives now, whether it’s to look perfect all the time, or to show to our Instagram followers that we have a “fantastic” life. And whether we’re trying to implement a polished style into our wardrobe, or make life as perfect as possible, we’ve got to admit to ourselves, this is impossible! While this may sound like resignation, in fact, it can be a way to discover a better version of yourself. Becoming a more relaxed version of yourself is something that everybody has the right to achieve. Life is stressful, and we need to figure out our own method of becoming a cool, calm, and collected version of ourselves.

Look Like The Relaxed Version Of You

Dressing the part is the first phase of turning yourself into a different person. A lot of us work on the basis that we should fake it until we make it. And if you are trying to envelop a more relaxed mindset, look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look relaxed? It’s very easy to do; put on lightweight cardigans, more breathable material, and try to embrace informality. It can be a big shock to the system, because we want to look perfect all of the time. But part of it is all about not caring what other people think. As soon as you stop caring, you will naturally relax!

Look At The Things That Stress You Out (And Avoid Them!)

It sounds so simple, but we don’t follow this advice. What stresses you out in life? Perhaps it’s the things that you think you can’t change. But if there are components of your life that you have more control over than you realize, it’s your right to change them. You may think that your job is too stressful, but you need to stick at it. Is this really the case? You don’t need to march into the office and quit your job right away, but perhaps changing your approach to the job, or transferring somewhere else could very well be the weight off your shoulders that you need. When things stress us out, we take them to heart, and cloud our entire lives. Is it really worth it?

Get A Routine

As humans, we thrive on routine and if we constantly feel that we are running to stand still, perhaps we need to find and a structure to work with. Structure doesn’t have to be comprehensively planned; perhaps it’s just about going to bed a little bit earlier, or having a nighttime routine to allow you the chance to wind down. Having a little routine in place can minimize stress, because we know what is coming.

Becoming a relaxed person is a long process. If you’re someone who is stressed all the time, it can take some time to come down from that sensation. But you need to remember that it’s all about lifestyle choices. You can choose to be anxious as much as you can also choose to be relaxed. There are plenty of little tricks, but ultimately, go with your gut. It is, more often than not, correct.


Calmer Chameleon: Becoming A More Relaxed Version Of You

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