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Can be pre employment tests be helpful?

Many companies these days depend on a proper pre employment test so that it becomes easier for them to select the right applicants by screening their job application. This they mainly do by looking at their cognitive abilities, working skills, motor abilities, integrity, emotional intelligence and language proficiencies.

This is a test which is mainly conducted by the recruiters in Dubai of large and middle scale companies so that they can easily pick down the right candidates who can fit the given job role when they are hired. Hence these pre employment tests are mainly conducted so that it can actually benefit the hiring companies by saving a lot of time and also the cost that is required for this selection process. When this happens, the best thing is there is an improvement in the morale and will be a decrease in the turnover as well.

According to many studies there can be some dramatic benefits that a company can gain by simply using this advanced test process and there are also some very important issues that the companies have to be clear about them as well. So, each and every company has to be very sure about this particular testing process before they start it. For example, what exact kind of criteria this test can actually measure and how this method could be a certain way to find that whether they can predict about some future job and related performances. If the company thinks that this test can actually manage that when it comes to their job roles offered, then they can definitely use this test in order to take people in the job.

On the other hand, this is a test which has been considered to be very effective in comparison to the other forms of assessment. This test is said to be more accurate when it comes to find the right candidate rather than going for some unstructured interview processes and the related pre interview calls. This is not a very great process to hire people because here, the recruiters often judge the candidates on very subjective matters, and they do not basically look for the job related criteria. But when it comes to this test then they work in a unique matter. Actually, these are the well-defined tests which are valid and they are very much reliable.

These pre employment tests are the same for all the job applicants. They are better than job interviews because in those interviews the candidates can be treated in an unfair manner because the recruiters never ask the same questions to all the candidates. Hence it can never be the scientific way of evaluating all of them. Tests which are standardized for all the applicants can only be the solution for this.

Here are some major positive things to know why one must implement pre employment tests:

  • As it has been mentioned earlier, this test can actually save a lot of time when it comes to job interviews. They can assess all the varieties of traits that are present in an applicant and those cannot be judged in a face to face interview. Also, this interview process can be really time consuming and exhausting and hence they have to be replaced with a pre employment test. This test can always check on the written skills and typing speeds (if needed) of a candidate and how they can manage if there is a crisis situation.
  • This pre employment test can also help the recruiters in order to have a great insight about the candidates. It is not possible for the hirers to hire a candidate depending on their gut feelings and it is also not the right way of doing it. This method will always lead to wrong conclusions and it can also discriminate among the candidates where one can be affected by the biases of hiring. This test is a structured process and so it can always help one to take the right hiring decision.
  • This is a test which is only job related and one has to answer all the questions here which are again job related. This never happens when an unstructured interview is conducted by a company. There the hirer can always deviate from the topics that are strictly job related and as a result it can affect the hiring decisions. This test has a part known as the personality test section where one can have a clear idea about the characteristics of the job applicants.

These are some primary benefits that one can get when they are using this pre employment testing process when they want to hire someone. But again, these tests are not 100 percent perfect. It also has its flaws and one have to be very sure about them before they start using this test as a part of their employment procedure.

  • This test can only measure handful traits of the job candidates. They can also fail to asses some important aspects. Though this test can measure whether an applicant is fit for the job role or not they cannot assess that how much those candidates will be eager to learn new things once they are hired for the job. In order to assess that, the recruiters might need some other sets of tests.
  • These tests can sometimes be a bit discriminatory. There can be some questions which are not at all job related for certain candidates and then the entire purpose of that test is ruined.

But these tests are mostly for short duration. It is said that it does not take more than half an hour and there are other various testing ideas for recruitment as well which a company can include in the procedure along with this. By doing this any company can make their recruitment process very scientific and accurate so that they can figure out the right candidate for the job role and hardly make a mistake where they have to keep doing the recruitment process.


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