Woman at Sunset on Wind Farm - Going Green on a Budget

Going Green on a Budget: Saving the Environment One Penny at a Time

We all want to save money on our monthly bills. What if you could do that while also reducing your carbon footprint? Well, it’s possible, with just a few little life tweaks that are as eco-friendly as they are budget-friendly. Saving money and the planet doesn’t have to be hard! Here’s a few ways that […]

Lit Birthday Candles - Birthday

How to Make Someone Feel Special on Their Birthday

Read on to discover how to make the birthday person feel special to make your nearest and dearest feel loved and blessed here. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give a birthday person we hold dear the best gift we can afford. However, gifts don’t always mean material things. In fact, a study found that […]

Couple and Additional Man -How to Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating

How to Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating: 6 Top Tips to Catch a Cheater

Are you trying to tell how to tell if your wife is cheating? Read this article to learn top tips to catch a cheating spouse. Life doesn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. Even the best of people fall to unwanted circumstances and temptations in life. However, that’s no excuse for someone to break […]

Online Homeschool Science Classes

This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Homeschooling has become more and more popular over the last several years.  I homeschooled  our 3 youngest children from elementary through high school.  Finding a great curriculum can be key, especially for older students who are looking towards a college education.  When you have a well designed […]

Woman Waking Dogs Down Wide Country Path - Walk Your Dog

Being a Good Owner Takes Effort: 5 Things That Happen If You Don’t Walk Your Dog Often Enough

All dogs need exercise, even if some require more than others. The best way to make sure your dog remains active enough is to regularly go for a walk together. Fail to do so frequently enough, and your dog will show it in negative and even damaging ways. Become familiar with the following five signs […]

The Ideal Diamond Setting for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds and engagement rings go together like summer and lemonade. That said, a diamond must be given due respect and treated with reverence. Not only because it’s rare, but because a diamond engagement ring is a serious commitment. To find the perfect diamond ring, you need to have a slightly trained eye and a curious […]