In an effort to protect the environment and stay cool during summer, the choice of your home cooling system is crucial. When it comes down to cool down a room, today, AC systems and portable fans are widely used. However, it is not a secret that these systems can become extremely expensive and energy-consuming when you use them to condition the air in a larger room or even your whole house. 

If you are looking at saving money and reducing your consumption of energy, you should consider installing ceiling fans.

You might have noticed them before cooling down beautiful, large rooms in Victorian homes. However, if you are going for a more modern style for your interiors, don’t worry! Ceiling fans have come far and developed in terms of style, efficiency and technology.  

Today, there are several types of ceiling fans that can fit the needs of any home, independently on your style. They are also highly efficient, consuming just under half of the energy than standard AC systems use, on average. Additionally, rather than changing the temperature of the air, ceiling fans work by moving and spinning the surrounding air. This offers you an all-natural solution to enjoy the pleasant summer breeze while indoors. 

While ceiling fans are among the best choices to cool down your rooms in summer, there are several factors to evaluate before committing to a purchase. These include size, material, style, and control systems. Some can even be fitted around lights – a solution widely appreciated for those who try to achieve a minimalistic look. Learn how to pick the perfect one for your home below.

Infographic designed by Hunter Fan

Ceiling Fans: Picking a Sustainable Way to Cool Down Your Home

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