Confidence and Individuality: How To Customize Your Look

The way we see beauty as a society is changing. It’s less about conforming to a single narrow image of the Barbie doll, and more about highlighting the beauty of our own individual bodies and customizing a look that makes us feel great as well. Of course, if you haven’t had much experience in creating a stand out customized look, it can seem a little intimidating at first. Luckily you can get some easy-to-follow advice in the post below.

Confidence and Individuality: How To Customize Your Look

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Colorful hair dye

The first thing to consider when you are trying to make your look a little more individual is your hair color. The great thing about this that we are no longer limited to the natural shades such as blondes, brunettes, and reds, but can literally pick any shade of the rainbow we like. In fact, on social media sites like Instagram, you will find some folks that have just about every color of the rainbow in a single hairstyle too!

Of course, you can pop along to your local salon and ask them to add some bright or even pastel colors to your hair. Although, if you are looking to achieve this look without breaking the bank it is possible to buy home hair dyes from your local pharmacy as well.

Just remember that to get the boldest color you will need to bleach your hair first, as the closest it is to white before you apply the shade the better result you will get.

Confidence and Individuality: How To Customize Your Look
Image Source: Pexels



Tattoos are a hugely popular way of creating a look that is entirely customized to you as well. After all, you can choose a design that not only appeal to your aesthetically, but also has a genuine emotional meaning as well.

Of course, real tattoos are forever, as they don’t eventually grow out like piercings, so before you decide to get inked, it can be a smart idea to try out the design and placement you like.

Happily, this is something that can be easily achieved by using a product like these custom temporary tattoos that are now available. Something that can be applied with just water and actually look just like the real thing, allowing you to decide whether your design and your commitment to our are enough to get a permanent version.


Next when it comes to personalizing your look many people choose to go for a piercing, or two, or three even. Of course, just like a tattoo, getting a piercing done can be a painful process, and some folks may not want to risk the discomfort and the scars for something that they are unsure that they will want to keep over the long term.

Happily, it’s totally possible to try out as many of the most popular styles of piercings like the septum rings, without actually having to get it done for real. In fact, in a similar way to using a temporary tattoo, you can buy fake septum rings from many fashion stores online and in real life for a relatively small amount. Something that makes it super easy to try out a more confident, customized look before you commit for the long term.

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