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I’m excited to be telling you all about SomaPet, Today!
I received a jar of SomaPet a couple of weeks ago, via my membership to Blog Paws Pet 360.

SomaPetLogo500x150 (1)What is SomaPet?

Dr. Philip White developed SomaPet after noticing his pet German Shepherd,
Rover, struggling up stairs as he aged. As a pet lover, Dr. White was invested in
helping his pets live the best life they could for as long as they could.

SomaPet has 100% all natural ingredients with a unique combination of eight amino
acids, designed to work together to improve the health and energy of your pets.
SomaPet is a proprietary combination of organic, pure free-form crystalline amino acids
that encourage the production of additional healing, repair, and growth factors that
jumpstart your pet’s natural processes of cell repair and regeneration.
SomaPet is an all-natural, vegan, whole food supplement specifically designed to deliver
optimal nutritional support to your pet, including, healthier skin and coat, a reduction in
body fat, and renewed vigor and vitality.
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and constitute an essential part of an
animal’s diet.

I’ve been putting SomaPet onto my dog’s food (they eat a high quality dry dog food) for 2 weeks now.  Although I think that it is a little too early to be seeing any great signs of improvement in Gabe and Poe’s skin and coat, I have noticed that Poe is not scratching nearly as much as he has in the past AND they both seem to love the taste.

SomaPet Collage

I love the fact that SomaPet is reported to improve immune and nervous function and help to promote healing and longevity. 

My boys mean the world to me, and I feel that it is of the utmost importance on my part, to provide them with the things that will make their lives healthier and happier.  These include good nutrition, a safe environment, proper veterinary care, natural supplements sunshine and exercise, and of course, lots and lots of love and attention.

Here in the South, it’s often too hot to take dogs our for long walks, or even intensive play in the back yard. Limit outdoor play during the peak hours of heat.  They need plenty of fresh water, and if your dog is left outside alone, they need shade and protection. PLEASE be mindful that pavement gets extremely hot and can burn paws.  Try to keep your dog on grass when walking during daylight hours.  Be sure that your dogs are receiving medication to prevent heart-worms, an that you check them regularly for fleas and ticks.


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They will be giving away a few bottles of SomaPet (exact amount TBD)

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“Pet Science”

 This post is sponsored by SomaPet and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about SomaPet, but Libby’s Library only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. SomaPet is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  • A nutritional supplement for dogs. Who’da thunk?

  • How long to expect to see results? We have had our dog on some other products to help with his bone/joint, and throat cartilage, as his trachea is prone to collapsing.

  • My pug Neo of 13 years passed several months ago 🙁 I haven’t had the heart to get another pet yet. I loved him so much. When I do, I will check into this for sure! Great blog – sista from LTB!


  • Have not heard of them before but this is a product that I think our dog needs.

  • I don’t know if this wonderful supplement would have helped our beautiful 16 1/2 year old Golden, but I wish we would have been able to try

  • Love this!

  • Im definitely going to have to try the for our dog,oreo.


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