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Spring has sprung. Gardens are coming into full bloom. AND, unfortunately…hungry critters are on the hunt for food and suddenly your back yard has become a prime target for 4 legged moochers.  Look no further than Benner’s Gardens for all the help you need!

About Benner’s Gardens

Although most of our customers want to prevent damage to their beautiful gardens and orchards, they also do not want to ruin their views with ugly chain-link fencing.  Benner’s Advantage Deer Fencing is practically invisible and will blend in with the countryside!  Our fencing is black and it practically disappears once you install it.  We guarantee it will not spoil your view!

Over the past 25 years, many people have developed their own polymer netting products, but there is only one that beats them all, the original Advantage Deer Fence!

Protect Your Spring Garden with Fencing from Benner's Gardens

So, no matter what you garden needs are, there is a pretty darn good chance that Benner’s Gardens has what you need to protect it!

  • Poly Fencing
  • Metal Fencing (Welded Wire / Fixed Knot / Hex Wire)
  • Fencing Kits (Deer / Garden / Pet & Farm)
  • Access Gates (and Driveway Gate & Grates)
  • Posts and Accessories (Rodent Barriers / Installation Tools / Deer and Animal Repellent)
  • Conversion and Extension Kits

Protect Your Spring Garden with Fencing from Benner's GardensProtect Your Spring Garden with Fencing from Benner's Gardens

And with some fencing options up to 8 feet high, even your fruit and nut bearing trees will be safe. Not sure what you need?  No problem!  Just give the experts at Benner’s Gardens a call.  They will be more than happy to assess your needs and you put together just the package that fit’s the bill. Check out their BLOG for loads of helpful articles and information.  You can get lots of ideas before you start.

We’ve used Benner’s Gardens Hex Wire Fencing to secure the bottom of our wood privacy fence…not to keep critters out, but to keep critters IN.  We have a small flock of free range chickens and one or two like to do a runner every now and then.  They would find the smallest gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground, and dig with gusto.  Then a neighbor would call, and I’d have to go bring them home.  With the hex wire fencing in place, not one hen has flown the coop.

Protect Your Spring Garden with Fencing from Benner's Gardens

So, which type of fencing would work best for your garden? Poly or wire? head on over to Benner’s Gardens and see all that they have to offer.  You’ll be glad that you did…and your garden will be the better for it!

Benner’s Gardens

Protect Your Spring Garden with Fencing from Benner’s Gardens

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