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Creating a Healthier Home: 6 Tips for Homeowners

Our homes are the place where we spend the most time. And, because of the several restrictions and lockdowns that have been holding us back in the past months, we have found ourselves spending more time at home than we expected. 

Because our homes are such an important environment in our daily lives, it is crucial to understand what effects they have on our health. There are several factors that might influence how healthy our homes are. However, you can use the indicators below to get an idea of how healthy your home is for you and your family. 

Creating a Healthier Home: 6 Tips for Homeowners

Rethink Your Furniture and Textile

The furniture, decoration, and textiles in your home can significantly influence how healthy your home is. Indeed, the paint or textile used on such decorations can release dangerous particles in the surrounding air, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The effects of such particles on our health are endless, and they span from irritated eyes and throat to headaches and respiratory problems. 

Opt For Natural Products

We all use more chemicals in our daily lives than we often realize. For example, products such as dishwashing soap, cleaning products, and solvents are all chemicals that enter into contact with our skin. In some cases, we breathe just by it, meaning that some of the particles released are often inhaled. Opt for all-natural products to reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals. 

Work Towards Better Indoor Air

Indoor air can be stale or polluted and have a significant effect on our health and the well-being of those around us. Indoor air quality is influenced by a number of factors, from what particles are released in the air to the levels of humidity. 

For example, if you have noticed that the level of moisture in the air is particularly high and you have discovered spots of mold, such spores might be spoiling your indoor air. To improve indoor air quality, you might invest in an air purifier or just leave your windows open for longer. 

Outsource Professional Services

Sometimes, it is important to invest in professional cleaning services and ensure that your home is deep-cleaned at least once every six months. So, you might get in touch with a professional gutter cleaning company or landscape services. 

If you want to obtain professional results but you prefer to complete some important tasks by yourself, you might opt for complete kits such as the Moth Prevention carpet moth killer kits. This is a great way to professionally clean and sanitize your home while keeping costs to a minimum. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter and disorganization can significantly affect your home’s environment. Of course, it can make it much harder to clean all the surfaces and spaces clean. However, clutter can also promote the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris while also limiting your living space. Clutter can also increase or levels of stress, which, in turn, can increase inflammation and irritation, exposing us to mental and physical health conditions.

Bring Nature In

If you wish to improve your home’s health without spending much, you can create a better environment just by bringing plants and natural materials indoors. Swapping single-use materials for ethically made ones and substituting your furniture and decorations for plants can help you limit exposure to chemicals and enjoy better indoor air quality.


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  • These are great tips on how to make your home healthier, thank you so much for sharing! I need to get an air purifier for my husband and sons allergies, and just so everyone in the family breathes cleaner air.

  • I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing with me! I could use all the help I can get!

  • These sound like all great tips for a homeowner. Thanks for posting.


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