3 Pro Tips for Starting a Thriving Garden

The number of Americans participating in gardening has long been on the rise. Now, you want to join their ranks by making your backyard bloom.

Starting a garden isn’t intuitive for most of us, of course. Perhaps you’ve gone to start your own and realized you need a few gardening tips to get you started.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are our top three must-dos for creating the garden of your dreams.

1. Pay Attention to the Sun

Your plants have very simple needs — sunlight is one of them.

Before you even start your garden, you need to analyze the sunlight in the spot where your garden will go. Spend a day observing the area to make sure your greens will get enough of the sun’s rays to thrive.

Of course, the amount of required sunlight will vary from plant to plant. But most of what you sow in the backyard will need about six hours of sunlight each day in order to thrive. If you put those plants in a spot that’s too bright or too shady, you can guess what happens next.

So, choose an area with the right amount of light. Then, make sure the soil’s right for planting.

2. Bulk Up Your Soil

Next, you’ll want to get to know your soil. You can get a PLFA soil analysis done to get to know your foundation. Or, you can follow a more general guideline for making the dirt ripe for planting.

What you’ll do is mix about three inches of a nutrient-rich fertilizer with your top eight inches of soil on the ground. You can use a store-bought variety or homemade compost if you want to add that to your gardening repertoire.

If you’re planting in raised beds, you will just pour pre-mixed soil into them. Either way, you need to start with the right light and foundation, or else your plants won’t grow.

3. Choose the Right Plants

Now that you have your garden set up, you need to choose the right plants with which to fill it.

You’ll want to find plants that suit the conditions in your backyard and, particularly, in your garden. As you peruse for flowers, read the tabs that give details about how much water and sunlight the greens need. If your backyard can provide the right amount of light, then you can make that flower part of your selection.

You’ll find plants to suit just about any lighting scheme, so don’t give up if your garden sits in a shadier or brighter spot. Some plants thrive in high or low light. So, do your research to find the best plants for your backyard. And don’t be afraid to ask greenhouse staff or the neighborhood green thumb for their suggestions, either.

Get Your Garden Going

Having a backyard garden is a fruitful experience — and not just if you make it a fruit and vegetable patch. You’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when everything starts growing. And it looks beautiful, too.

So, get started today and see what you can create. Check back with us for more home and garden tips, too. Check back with Deltona garden specialists for more home and garden tips, too.


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