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Different Ways To Own Gold & The Relative Risks Of Each

Gold has always been the very foundation of wealth and if you are looking to invest in the alluring yellow metal, there are quite a few ways you can do this. During times of economic uncertainty, investors move their wealth out of stocks and shares and into gold, because it is a highly liquid asset and is regarded as stable.

There are several ways that you can own gold, which are as follows.

Physical Possession Of Gold Bullion

There are established buyers of gold and all you have to do is to search online to find one closest to your location. You can take physical possession of your gold in bullion form from these buyers as well. While gold bullion traders exchange paperwork, small private investors prefer to take physical possession of their bullion. Regarding risks, gold bars should be stored in a safe, or in a safe deposit box at a local bank, which almost eliminates the risk of loss. Using platforms like Goldcore is also a safe consideration.

Gold Coins

You can collect 1-ounce gold coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf or the American Eagle, the American Buffalo or the Britannica. If you would like to know where to buy gold in Brisbane, for example, search online for a leading gold bullion dealer with offices in that area, then you can make an appointment to visit and make your acquisition. Much like gold bars, coins should be stored in a secure place.

Gold Ingots

Small bars of gold have individual sleeves for storage; from ½ ounce to 500g, ingots come in many sizes. You can store them in a concealed home safe, or a deposit box at your bank. The gold is 99.99% pure and would have hallmarks and stamps.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is a good long-term investment that appreciates in value over time. Of course, the value depends on the purity; most jewelry is 18k, while it could be as low as 9k. Your local gold bullion dealer would pay you the spot price for your gold jewelry, should you decide to sell.

Trading Gold

If you trade gold, you don’t need to take physical possession of the asset as you have documentation. To start trading, you will need to register yourself as a trader. We recommend spending a few months learning about gold trading before you start making purchases; it is a very complex field that demands a lot of research. You could enroll in an online class for gold technical analysis, and that would give you a solid foundation on which to start as a trader. Regarding risk, you can minimize that by learning as much as you can about the market and going about things in a structured way.

Gold Bars and Coins / Ways To Own Gold
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Investing in gold should be part of your portfolio, especially during these troubled times with such an uncertain economic state of affairs. You can start with a few small gold ingots or coins and, over a period of time, acquire this asset, which should outperform most others. There’s a lot to gold trading, if that is where your interest lies. Hooking up with a reputable gold bullion dealer is essential, as they have a lot of resources to help you get up to speed.

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