Dog-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

It’s always good to make improvements to your home. It’s fun, it can add value, and it can make the place more comfortable to live in. When you have a dog, this last point is even more critical as you’ll want your pet to be comfortable in their home as much as you are. Plus, pets can cause damage, and if that’s the case, then making some home improvements can be a good idea.

Read on to find out what you can do when it comes to dog-friendly home improvement ideas. 

Create A Dog-Friendly Lawn 

When you have a dog, you’ll need to let them outside regularly. This is in addition to taking them for walks. The problem is that if your lawn is a muddy one, your entire home is going to become very dirty. Or, if you have no lawn, the dog itself won’t be comfortable. So what can be done? You can install a dog-friendly lawn that will keep everyone happy. 

You can purchase special pet turf that looks and feels like natural grass but is in fact synthetic. Yet it’s made to be non-toxic to your pet. Even if you only install this is one area of your yard with an electric dog fence from to keep the rest of your garden looking just as you want it, it will be a great way to allow your dog outside without them having to worry about mess and mud in your house. 

Install A Dog Shower 

To keep your dog smelling and looking fresh and clean, they will need to have regular baths. This can be a difficult thing to do, especially if the dog is a large one or it doesn’t enjoy being washed. If you do have trouble when it comes to bathing your pet, then installing a dog shower in your home is a great thing to do. It will help to keep your bathroom cleaner, and it will minimize the stress involved in bathing your dog (for both of you). 

All this needs is a secondary showerhead at a lower level (and ideally detachable), as the closer the shower is to your dog, the easier it is to wash them quickly. Alternatively, if you want to spend more money and do something much more extensive, you could change your bathroom to a wet room. Again, this would make the bathing of your dog a much quicker task. 

Put In Pet-Friendly Floors 

If you own a dog, you’re going to see evidence of that in your flooring. No matter what size the dog might be, if they are moving about within your home, the flooring is going to bear the brunt of their four paws and the claws that go with them. Plus, pets can have accidents even if they are generally house-trained, which can be a problem for your floors. 

With this in mind, installing more pet-friendly flooring is a good idea. Rather than carpeting or wooden floors, some great options include tiles, laminate, poured concrete, and high-end vinyl. 



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  • These are great ideas. I think they could apply to any pet.


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