E is for Epiphanie!

I purchased an Epiphanie Bag – no compensation was received in any form, for this review.

I am so thrilled with my gorgeous Epiphanie bag!


I’ve wanted one for so long, so when they had a fabulous 50% off sale a while back, I didn’t think twice about ordering!

I got the Clover in Black (because, I’m not really the adventurous sort), and it is fantastic.  This bag holds a ton of stuff!


And when I say a ton…I mean a whole heck of a lot.  See for yourself!


What my lovely Clover can hold!

1) My iPad

2) My Wallet

3) My Jewelry Bag

4) Cannon Camera

5) Extra Sansung Lens

6) Glasses Case (sitting inside of “rings” for camera lens’)

7) Samsung Battery Charger and Batteries

8) Cosmetic/Medication Bag

9) SD Card Case and Lens Wipes

10) Camera Manuals, Wet Ones, Hang Tag

* Cables/Cords, Lens Caps, Hair Brush, Cleaning Doo-Hickies, Ear Buds, Gum

AND – it also holds  the camera that I used to take the photo!

(But no Partridge in a Pear Tree)

LOL – usually there would be some dog treats and poop-bags, but these need to be re-stocked.

Here is what the inside of the bag looks like when it’s empty.


And here she is, ready to go!


(Note to self:  do not take photos in the middle of the night…even with a light box, because they just don’t look great:-(

The handles are really study and the long shoulder strap comes in very very hand.


Now, I will warn ya…this baby is HEAVY will loaded to the hilt, but that wide shoulder strap does help to distribute the weight.

Just my 2 cents – the only thing that I would suggest, is that they add some metal “feet” to the bottom of the bag.  I think that they would really add to the longevity of the bag. Other than that…this puppy is a keeper!  I’m so glad that she’s mine…all mine. But ,next time, I think I’ll be more bold and purchase a bag in a lovely bright color. Yeah me!

Here is Some Info about the Clove Camera/Laptop Bag, directly from the company:
We combined function and fashion to create the Clover camera + laptop bag! This carry-all is designed to accommodate your iPad or 15″ laptop, camera + attached lens, 2-3 extra lenses, flash, battery pack, wallet, keys, cell phone, memory cards and more! Jetsetters – you’ll be happy to know this fabulous carry-on fits perfectly under an airplane seat. Moms – pack your camera, diapers, wipes and snacks in this bag and you’re ready for a day out with the kids!
All dividers can be fully removed, so you can easily transition to an every day bag!
18″L x 6.25″W x 13″H
weight: 3 lbs.
constructed with water-resistant, high-quality synthetic leather
super soft, comfortable braided shoulder straps
shoulder strap drop length: approximately 10″
detachable, padded cross-body strap: 51″ max length
one zipper pocket: 5.5″L x 6″H
one slide pocket: 6.5″L x 6.5″H
zipper top closure
ultra-soft beige lining
crafted with extra padding for maximum equipment protection
one sewn-in foam panel separating the laptop section
four Velcro panels can be adjusted to any position for maximum customization (2 long, 2 short)
one zipper pocket: 5.5″L x 6″H

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39 thoughts on “E is for Epiphanie!

  • This bag is GORGEOUS!! I may have to get one!

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  • I love that it has a wide strap, I can only imagine how heavy it is with all your gear in there. I love these bags. The are stylish and functional. The separate compartments are really nice. And I LOVE your little camera bling! I have something very similar with nowhere to put it!

  • This looks like an awesome bag. Like you, I tend to go for black bags because they’re functional, classic, and just feel like me. I’m tempted by the colors on the Epiphanie website, though! I’d have a hard time choosing if I were purchasing.

  • I would never have guessed that this bag (when I first saw it on the epiphanie website) would have fit all of that stuff!! It’s definitely making me want to go and get an epiphanie bag for myself – right now!!

  • WOw talk about amazing bag, I didn’t think it was going to hold that much and looking at the table and seeing everything , just blew me away.. nice bag you have there lady 🙂 hehe thanks for share

  • I do have to say “dang that purse can hold alot” I am sure many more have said that but I just had to too. I love the look to the purse in black, it is classic! And now that I see how much it can hold, I would love to have one myself. But I wonder if I have enough to fill it, But then again you know we can fill any purse.

  • I’m always surprised at how much their bags can really hold. But that’s also the biggest selling point for me, because, like you, I’ve got a lot of stuff to lug around with me! That’s why it’s especially nice that some of their purses can hold cameras and laptops.

  • I love the bag, especially the braided straps. Very pretty!

  • This camera bag is simply amazing, I really would like to have one of these for my camera.

  • Holy Cow! I just super duper love these darn Epiphanie bags! They are drop dead gorgeously put together and no doubt in my mind that I want one for sure! Hopefully I can get one soon. Just love their stylish make and upbeat look!

  • I have been eyeing Epiphanie camera bags since I won a really awesome camera that needs to be protected when we go out. I love that it looks just like an awesome purse, but your camera is all nice and safe!! Love the straps on this style!

  • I love this bag, looks like a regular bag. I seen so many ephipanie bags, I just want my own one! but since I don’t a camera, I would get a Austin Grey or London Ephipanie camera bag for my brother’s camera!

  • That’s such a gorgeous bag…which reminds me, I don’t have a nice bag to put my fancy dslr in!

  • I LOVE how much you can truly fit!! These bags are awesome.

  • Your bag is beautiful! I did not know that there was such a thing as a purse that was cute & made to carry cameras… I really need to invest in one of these so that I can stop carrying my camera around my neck constantly or having to carry it in the ugly bag it came with.

  • I love their Lola bags – I really want one in a plum color!! It’s great that the dividers are removable if you want to use it just as a purse and free up the space.

  • I haven’t seen these bags before. It looks like the perfect bag for travel!

  • I love the look of these, and I’ve been wanting to get one, so it’s nice to know that they really are practical! Thanks!! 🙂

  • What a great bag. Not only is it functional and holds so much,it also looks really good!

  • I love that there are so many little compartments to help stay organized! And the bag looks so SOFT!

  • I have wanted an Epiphanie bag for a long time! They are adorable, hold a ton of things, and work perfect for my camera!

  • Wow I cannot believe how many items you got to fit in your Epiphanie bag! I am always looking for cute spacious bags as I tend to carry quite a few items with me at all times. It’s hard finding big bags that don’t either look like a diaper bag or a giant suitcase or like I’m bringing in this huge bag to rob the store. I will totally have to check Epiphanie out and hopefully they’ll be having a great deal like the 50% one you got in on.

  • I really love this purse. It’s beautiful and I can carry just about my whole house in it. That’s what i need. Thank you

  • I really love the different styles and fall hued colors offered this year. I like the Lola bad in red although they seem to be out of stock right now.

  • I love Epiphanie bags, I think they are a must for any DSLR owner. They offer some beautiful colors too, so I wouldn’t hesitate to get one of those. Have fun with your bag.

  • I love Epiphanie bags. These are so cute, and you can own several due to the value!

  • I love this bag. Right now I am using my cell phone case to carry my ID and cards.

  • What a great bag, I love all the compartments and it would be great to take when we go on vacation.

  • They have the best camera bags. My daughter has one and adores it.

  • Very cute fashionable bag. Room to put whatever you may need plus some. I love the bling you added! I love to add bling too.

  • Loved the review I’ve never heard of them before!

  • The bag is gorgeous! Purses are one of my weaknesses/collection hobby 🙂

  • Wow your bag is so beautiful and classy/professional looking! I can’t believe all of that fit in the bag! I am always trying to find handbags that can handle and fit all the stuff I can’t go anywhere without. I will totally be checking out this bag!

  • That is a very nice looking bag. Also good for people who have to carry a lot of stuff in their purses.

  • I love the design of the bag and that it can carry so much stuff. I agree, I like when bags have those metal “feet” at the bottom.


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