Easy Tips To Repurpose Your Mom’s Jewelry

Inheriting your mom’s jewelry is like carrying her love for a lifetime. You will surely want to preserve the precious piece because its value goes beyond money. Moreover, it is worth retaining as a family heirloom. But you may have qualms about wearing these pieces if they are outdated in design. Repurposing them is your best bet, as it makes them wearable and worth passing on to your kids. However, you may feel apprehensive about changing anything about your mom’s jewelry. Here are a few jewelry repurposing tips to do it safely.

Re-imagine the pieces

The first step is to re-imagine the precious pieces your mom passed on to you. Of course, you may feel sentimentally attached, making it hard to imagine them in any other form. But a few creative changes in design can work wonders and align them with the latest trends. You can also check your favorite celeb styles for some valuable inspiration. The good thing is that you can achieve your goal with drastic transformation. Creativity is the only thing you require to make the most of your mom’s jewelry!

Consider the possibilities

Once you re-imagine your mom’s collection, you will be comfortable with the idea. At this stage, you can consider different design possibilities. For example, you can swap the metal, opt for different gemstones, or repurpose a single large piece into several smaller ones. The possibilities are often endless when it comes to jewelry redesign, so you can explore them and decide on the one that works for you.

Find a reliable designer

While you can handle the brainstorming part for a jewelry makeover, you need a professional to implement the ideas. Look for a reliable designer with experience with repurposing old jewelry and heirloom pieces. The process is delicate as it requires immense precision, so you cannot trust just anyone to do it. Seek recommendations and go through online reviews to find the best person in business.

Preserve the memories

Although a redesign project can give your jewelry a new look and feel, you must preserve the memories when it comes to your mom’s pieces. Avoid going too far with the transition, and retain some elements of the original piece. For instance, you can swap colored gemstones with diamonds for a contemporary look, but retain the base metal. The transformation should not kill the essence of the memories.

Go the extra mile with maintenance

Jewelry requires good maintenance to retain its luster and integrity over decades. Commit to following the care and maintenance rules to keeping your mom’s precious pieces in good shape. Be extra careful about storage because being careless can cause the metal to lose its shine and loosen the gemstones. Your designer can give you some valuable recommendations in this context.

Repurposing your mom’s jewelry may sound scary because you do not want to lose her memories. But you can get the best of both worlds with the right approach. Follow these tips to make the most of your precious belongings without missing out on their sentimental value.


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