Eggs or eggnots There’s Really NO Question

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eggnots? They’re eggs, but they’er not eggs…not real eggs anyway. These ceramic eggs look real, which make them perfect for Spring and Easter decor!

Eggs or Eggnots There's Really NO Question

About eggnots

A realistic, inedible, non-perishable egg alternative. Invented to enable kids with egg allergies or vegans to share in the fun of coloring Easter eggs.

Eggs or eggnots There's Really NO Question

Made of high-quality ceramic, eggnots look and feel just like a real egg. Perfect for crafters!

Eggs or eggnots There's Really NO Question

As an avid crafter, these are right up my alley.  Perfect for so many decor applications.  Wreaths, table decorations, floral arrangements and more.They can be dipped dyed or painted, just like real eggs.  Or get out your markers, lace, googly eyes and glue gun.  Let your imagination run wild! Simply dye them pastel colors or turn them into stunning works of art.  If you need some inspiration, just check out eggnots Instagram channel!

Kids will love eggnots too.  Let them in on the fun!

Eggs or eggnots There's Really NO Question

Eggs or eggnots There's Really NO Question

Eggs or eggnots There's Really NO QuestionThey even have a kit to give you a head start. Purchase eggnots in the amounts that you need.  From a carton of 6 to as many as 12 cartons of 18 each.  Great for school or church groups! Head on over to eggnots and find all the products that you need to make your Spring / Easter creations

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