Disclaimer: I received an Erin Condren Planner for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. I am a long time Erin Condren customer, and the opinions stated are 100% mine.

The new 2014-2015 Erin Condren Life Planner (s)

are now available, and I got an Erin Condren Life Planner  to Review, and I’m…

…Giving Away TWO $100 Erin Condren Gift Codes!


EC Giveaway Use

First – some fun from Erin Condren

I loved my last Erin Condren Life Planner…and this one is even better…didn’t think that could be possible, but it is. And I love love love all the little extras, like stickers and  colored pens. Durability is a huge plus, and boy are these puppies up to the task!

There are so many covers to choose from, and my oh my what is inside is a wonder to be seen.

Pictures can speak louder than words, so let these SCREAM at you!

EC Cover
My brand new Erin Condren 2014-1015 Life Planner
ec accessories
An accessory bundle that I purchased from Erin Condrenec accessories
EC Collage
So much fun from Erin Condren
EC Island Fleur
Lovely smooth and oh so rich island Fleur Moisturizing body butter from Erin Condren. I received this sample in my accessory bundle.
EC Decorated Page
More than enough room on every luscious page of my Erin Condren 2014-2015 Life PlannerEC Decorated PageEC Labels
EC Labels
Labels, labels and more labels from Erin CondrenLabels, labels and more labels from Erin Condren

Oh, I’ve had so much fun, filling in all my important info, and doodling, and adding stickers and photos and coil clips!

What are coil clips you ask?

Well, since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you. They are little plastic clips the snap into your planner. They have a “sticky” backing to attach to paperwork, a photo, a ticket stub…things that you want to add to the coil of your planner.

EC Coil ClipsCollage
Coil Clips from Erin Condren are nothing short of brilliant!

Another fave of mine…the adorable photo stickers. 30 stickers to each sheet! I have photos of all my kids, their spouses (significant others), grand kids, our parents and of course, my dogs), to grace my pages.

ec photo stickers
Photo Sticker Sheets from Erin Condrenec photo stickersPhoto Sticker Sheets from Erin Condren

And speaking of stickers….Erin Condren Life Planners come with blank colored stickers and printed colored stickers.

You can also buy additional sticker sheets that are customizable….

Choose your Colors….Choose your Wording.

Each Erin Condren Life Planner comes with a Perpetual Calendar tucked inside!

EC Perpetual Calendar
A handy dandy perpetual calendar comes with your Erin Condren Life Planner

And get this…Erin Condren has a nifty “Invite a Friend” Program! I just got a fun email the other day, letting me know that I had a $10 credit because a friend grabbed my “code” and placed an order. How cool is that!!!

EC Invite
Invite a friend to Erin Condren

If ya love me and choose to order – GO HERE – thanks so much!Invite a friend to Erin Condren

There so much to Erin Condren Life Planners…so I advise you to check out the Life Planner PageW…because I know ya want to, and you’ll need to, to enter the giveaway:-)

The last thing  I wan to mention today, is the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, at Erin Condren.  They are fantastic.  Now, all of you should know by now that I am NOT tech savvy.   The simplest thing can drive me nutso.  Well, I was having trouble figuring something out, the last time I placed an order.  Once I realized that I was gonna need some help, I left a message via customer support.  The next day, didn’t get a reply…I got TWO.  They explained  step by step, exactly what to do, and in terms that I could understand. That,folks, is what customer service is all about!

And now for the very best part FOR YOU…the GIVEAWAY!


Yep, 2 very luck readers will be receiving a $100 Erin Condren Gift Code that can be used to purchase a
Life Planner and Planner Accessories

To enter, just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter form, below.

Good Luck

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Erin Condren Life Planner Review and Giveaway

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395 thoughts on “Erin Condren Life Planner Review and Giveaway

  1. Hello! I have been obsessing over these planners since quite some time. The planner part is wonderful. Plus, they are so colorful and bright! 🙂

    If I were to choose a planner, I would choose the party pops cover from the classic life planners; it’s so cheerful! It’ll inspire me to get things done all the more. The blank stickers would be great add-ons too. I guess this is the best thing about these planners; they can be fully customized. 🙂

    ~ Akshita.

    1. I’ve been obsessing about them too! The only thing is that they are a bit pricey, but I think they might be worth it! There are so many gorgeous designs, I wouldn’t know which one to choose

  2. ooohhhh ahhhhh they are all sooo pretty but I’m a pink/purple gal and would love the Taffy Stripes design. These life planners are way cool too..thx for introducing me to this product and for the oppty to win one!

  3. I have been looking into these planners forever. This is really awesome of you. Thank you so much!

    If I were to get a like planner I would get the 2014-2015 life planner -paisley – white/cornflower, the 2014-2015 life planner -peacock – green/teal, or the 2014-2015 life planner -fleur feliz – splash
    IT is really harp to choose especially with all of the pretty designs but those are my top 3

  4. I think it is super cool that erin condren came up with the idea of the coil clips and the interchangeable covers! That way I can get the covers that i want because its so hard to choose just one

    1. I love the coil clips! I am able to put important or memorable items into my planner — so easy and accessible!

  5. I have been eyeing the Erin Condren Life Planners for over a year or so now. And whenever I happen to stumble upon her website, I always fall in love with the zig zag pattern in the color multi all over again. However, I have recently started to fall in love with the turquoise golden edition life planner as well.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  6. Love these life planners!!! I want the same one you have!!! I love the pattern and quote on the front. Very simple and classic look with a great quote to live by.

    1. I thought long and hard, before choosing the cover. There are so many that I liked, but the one I chose, just “spoke to me”.

  7. I LOVE LOVE these planners! As a nanny I need this sort of organization and I looked hi and low on the internet before I found EC, so awesome!!!

  8. I would definitely pick the Paisley Planner. I love the white and cornflower cover. It is so bright and calming. Erin Condren Life planners have got to be the ultimate planners !!! Thanks for this great opportunity !!

  9. I would like either one of the platinum edition covers or the zen gems. Then again with interchangeable covers I can get both. 🙂

  10. I actually just ordered my very first Erin Condren planner and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I would love some accessories and stickers and a note book too!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I ordered the 2014-15 planner already, but I would like to get the platinum and turquoise cover with bands and clips. I am very excited to start using the planner. I have been using mostly electronic organizers in the past couple of years, and I am an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” kind of girl. This type of planner is just right for me.

  12. I would love the Foil Platinum Edition turquoise. It’s looks so pretty. The quality of the products is awesome.

  13. I would choose a classic life planner with either the Favorite Things cover or the Alphabet cover…or maybe both, since you can switch out the covers! Plus lots of “extras,” like the sticker sheets, coil clips, and colored pens. My husband and I both work full time, and we have a very active 2 year old. I’ve been looking for ways to keep our lives organized, and I think an Erin Condren planner would be the perfect solution!

  14. I was introduced the the LP earlier this year and was able to get one right before they sold out. I’m so looking forward to getting my new year one! Deciding on a cover though it is hardest decision to make though! I am currently in I’ve with the scales, but she also has an owl cover I want and I’m starting to really like the Union Jack on as well. Too many decisions to make!

    1. LOL – I know what you mean…it’s so hard to decide. But hey, you can order more than one cover and switch them out throughout the year!

  15. I really think fleur Feliz watercolor is more my style!! I do not own an erin condren planner yet but I did purchase one for my sister in law as a graduation gift and she loved it and I loved it as well!!!!

  16. Okay honestly…. I’m really torn! I want the platinum edition in spearmint green but I don’t know if you can change the color of those beauties! I would really like to try out the teacher planner one day too.. but until I land a full time position I’m sticking with the LP! Otherwise, probably either scales, zig zag, party pops OR the new jolly jester design is beautiful!! (I know, I have a problem… haha). Thanks for the chance to win! (PS-Those PF Changs copy cat lettuce wraps… omg delish!)

  17. I love these planners and chose a different cover each year. I think this year I will get the PLATINUM EDITION -light pink

  18. I love the “work hard play hard” planner! It would be awesome to get the different accessories with it too!

  19. Love these planners!!!!! The pattern and quote on yours is amazing!!!! I think I would definitely choose that one!!!!

  20. I love all of them but if I had to choose I would choose between the Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon and the Mod Morroco… Still torn…… I think i would end up getting the cancer awareness planner.

  21. I LOVE so many of the covers! 2 of my favorites are “Scales” and “Sequins!” I already can tell that IF I win (fingers crossed!) I will need to take their “Life Planner 101” course in order to make a good decision about what exactly would suit my needs! And SO many pretty & fun add ons! Ack! SO pretty!!

  22. I am so excited that my Erin Condren teacher planner is on its way. I didn’t think I would want the notebook, but after watching the YouTube showing what is in it, I think I might get one, too:)

    1. I wish that I had known about Erin Condren when I was homeschooling a bunch of my kids. The Teacher Planner would have come in handy! You’ll love the Life Planner, and I’m sure you won’t regret purchasing one. They are so durable, and that fact the you can change to covers throughout the year, is so much fun.

      School is already in session, here in the South. When do you “go back to school”?

  23. OMG where do I start… I will be so honest I have wanted one of these for years. I actually first wanted one in college and have since graduated and seeking to go back now. I work at a university and with all my extra volunteer stuff its had to stay on track. If i got an Erin Codren planner I would get a quote life planner because inspirational quotes always make me feel better. It would also be a reminder as I’m out talking to students about going to college. I think the “Beautiful Reasons” planner is my favorite because of the quote and the colors. I hope I’m blessed and win one of these.

  24. I Love the Quote life planners! I am having a hard time choosing between the one that says “I wanna see you be brave”.. and the one that says “Believe you can and you will”. My absolute favorite accessories are the Coil clips, elastic bands, photo stickers and the perpetual calendar.

  25. I have been keeping my eye on these beauties since my start of college quite a few years ago. I love love love every bit of them but have yet to purchase one (I just can’t bring my budget around to allowing it!) If I were to be able to, I would definitely get the “I wanna see you be brave” quote cover. I love that the covers are interchangeable and I am also stuck on the Live Love Learn cover as well since I am finishing up my Master’s in Teaching this year…so we shall see…maybe I’ll get both covers. sigh…here’s to dreaming.

  26. I love these planners! I actually have been wanting to get the one you got! I just love the quote and the style!

  27. I’d actually gift this to my sister in law for Christmas, and I think I’d pick the Zen Gems for her!


  28. I first fell in love with Erin Condren when I was planning my wedding two years ago. I’m excited about the updates to this year’s planner and think I would choose the rainbow flour feliz this year.

  29. I have four different designs sitting in my cart right now. I am completely up in the air with which to choose but am leaning on Island Fleur!

  30. I’m really loving the 2014-2015 life planner -paisley – light gray/peony! Perfect for my running around and taking notes!

  31. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I could really benefit from one of these planners

    1. Hit post before I was finished. I would choose the Erin Condren Life Planner in the seahorse cover. I would start it with all of 2015 and the remaining months of 2014. And I would of course add several of the accessories

  32. I would totally get the foil life planner those extras are neat and the personalization is a new concept I just can’t believe they’re soooo expensive!

  33. I would get the 2014-2015 Foil Life Planner in gold!!! I’ve been looking at it for a while!! Love it!!

  34. Such a cool giveaway! I would purchase the Erin Condren Party Pops Planner! I’m still deciding on what color combo I would go with but I love that planner.

  35. Love the foil life planner. This would be like an amazing diary for my children one day. Love the beauty.

  36. The planner looks so beautiful!! I’ve heard they are the best to keep you organized!! Personally, I really like their gold editions. It looks so fancy and luxurious. Only problem is that they are a bit on the pricey side.

  37. Hi,

    I have ordered my first planner, but would love to get some extra covers and other accessories. I ordered the Paisley…I would really like to have the pink/orange flowers on white background cover. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. Hi I’ve been entering everyday and I really hope in the girl that wins the raffle. I spent my summer organizing a scholarship websit for high school students and volunteering to speak with them about scholarships for college. Now that the school year has started its starting to get hectic and I would really love to be able to get organized. If I won I would get a quote life planner because they really inspire me. I might also get an extra cover from one of the teacher planners that talk about the value of education. I really hope I win because I can’t afford it with my college student budget and loans.

  39. Hello! If I were to choose one planner from the website, I would love to have the 18 month life planner platinum edition in light pink!

  40. I stumbled upon your blog while researching planners. My iphone calendar is no longer sufficient in keeping my crazy life organized! I have fallen in love with the EC Life Planner! I think it’s just what I need! Thank you for the great review and giveaway! If I were to win I would love the Charcoal Foil Platinum Edition!

  41. The planner I would choose is the Classic LIfe planner Picture This. I really like to personalize the planners I use as much as possible.

  42. I would order one of the photo cover life planners and put a photo of my kids from Disney World on the front!

  43. What a great giveaway! I am fairly new to blogging and I was looking for a good planner to get organized. I just watched 2 or 3 you tube videos on the new designs for the planner. It’s just not in the budget right now. THIS would be perfect to win 😀 Thanks for the great give away!

  44. I think it is super cool that erin condren came up with the idea of the coil clips and the interchangeable covers! That way I can get the covers that i want because its so hard to choose just one

  45. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!! I’ve been wanting one of these planners for a while but just can’t afford to buy one …. I have been OBSESSING overrrrr the turquoise Gold Edition planner its sooo beautiful!!! I hopI hope I hope I win!!! i

  46. Wow I don’t know what to pick, I love the paisley, and the sea sand dollars, the daliah. Oh ANd the green/gold foil…but i could get a extra cover for that . wow I am in love

  47. Thanks for doing this giveaway…I want that favorite things life planner so bad! Those foil ones also call my name!

  48. I love the colors of the flowers in the 2014-2015 life planner -island fleur – multi…so pretty!

  49. I had a hard time choosing but I finally found the one I liked and it’s the 2014-2015 life planner – PLANTINUM EDITION – bubblegum

  50. For everyone thats interested please go and join the Erin Condren Life Planner Fans on Facebook. its a great group for ideas on how to organize your planner.

  51. Man, i look at Erin’s site almost daily! I was introduced to her planners by a nurse colleague last weekend. I saw her planner and realized her name was on it and it blew my mind! she let me look through hers and told me about Erin’s site. I have watched her videos as well as others on youtube to see how the planners are used. I’m torn between the mocha multi candy lace planner and the wild multi planner. I’ve gone out and bought stickers in anticipation of getting a planner! would love to win one, but if not, i’ll splurge!! I. Will. get. organized. this. year!!

  52. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, how exciting! I would either choose the sequins or the island fleur design, it’s hard to decide!

  53. I LOVE my ECLP!!! I am on my second one and have a notebook and will be ordering an address book soon! I have a Quote cover and a Dhalia cover!

  54. I have drooled for an EC LP for what seems like forever! They are beautiful and I sure could use one to keep my life and business in order. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  55. Thanks for doing the giveaway! Love your review and agree about the Customer Service! It’s awesome! I want the “Believe you can and you will” covers!

  56. (Not sure the first comment went through, so trying again) I would get one for my mom- I know she would love the dahlias!

  57. I absolutely love Erin Condren life planners. If I win the contest, I will buy a favorite things planner for my mother.

  58. I have the 18 month planner with a custom colorway cover in black & red & white and absolutely love it. I would love one of the new spiral notebooks.

  59. I would love nothing more than to own an ECLP! I have been aww-ing over them for quite some time but have been unable to purchase due to cost. I ADORE the sequins cover in multicolor!

  60. Thank you for this chance at such an amazing give away! To be honest I only knew of the life planners about a year ago, but didnt realize just how great they really were. I gave into trying to maintain a more virtual planner and with technology these days ugh i missed so many appointments or important dates. Now Iam in desperate need of a life planner. A couple of the quote planners have caught my eye, but Iam in love with the Imagine Dream Become life planner 2014-2015.

  61. Thanks for being so generous!! (: i actually ordered the dalia LP with customway colors! Seafoam and white (: lookinf over the site again, I think I would order the “i wanna see you brave” cover because its so colorful and a great quote to start off every day! (:

  62. It’s a cross between the sea life or the gold foil in Mint. I I have been stalking the planners for months now but can’t bring. Myself to pull the trigger..no extra $$ right now 🙁

  63. I already have a planner, so I would probably get one of the spiral notebooks with the paisley design. I’d also get some of the cute accessories!

  64. I love my ECLP! I have purchased one for a friend as a birthday gift. I would love to purchase a least one more as a gift and/or purchase some accessories (like coil clips, stickers, markers and pens). Thanks for sharing and doing a giveaway!

  65. I adore these planners, but the extra $50 for postage to Australia makes them, pretty much, unaffordable! That, however, doesn’t stop me lusting over the platinum special edition in charcoal.

  66. I would get a collage Life planner for myself and get a teacher planner for my mom to try! She’s a teacher and struggles to stay organized!

  67. Thank you so much for the chance to win! I’ve only just learned about Erin Condren and am so excited to get my first planner. I have my eye on Jolly Jester in multi-color!

  68. I love EC!!!! I am saving up to get another life planner to keep track of my weightloss! I love the dahlia planner. 🙂

  69. I actually ordered the sequins planner for 2014-2015 but I already have my next one picked out. I want the turquoise and platinum foil planner. I think it’s beautiful.

  70. I am currently waiting on one I ordered for myself but I would love to win to get one or even two for a few friends/family members of mine. Maybe even for my daughter. I think I’d choose the Dahlia cover for my daughter. Thank you for this opportunity! You’re so generous!

  71. I love the Inspire cover and the Beautiful Reasons cover!!! They are all so amazing!!! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. Its awesome!

  72. I have been wanting an erin condren for a while now and even joined a few facebook groups. At first I thought it was pricey but played around with the cover with pictures and fell in love with it. What’s not to love about a planner that’s has all kinds of pics of your kids? Can’t wait to order

  73. I just ordered my LP last week and cannot WAIT for it to arrive! I’ve already started collecting washi tape and have been busy scouring blogs and such for ideas so that when it arrives I can get started right away!

  74. I just ordered mine in the “so many beautiful reasons to be happy” cover, and I am so anxious for it to get here! I would love to be able to get some of the accessories that I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on initially.

  75. I love the scales planner cover! I would do it in mint and peach! If I didn’t already have the “believe” cover!!… Maybe a second cover option!

  76. I had no idea Erin Condren had body butter! I am new to her stuff, and have been following the Facebook page and fan page. I am patiently waiting for my new planner. I am the wife of a disabled veteran, his caregiver and I work full time….I am lacking organization and taking care of things….fingers crossed! Your blog is awesome and informative. I will follow! 🙂

  77. I would choose the fleur planner with the pink, blue, and green cover. When I see the cover on the different Facebook fan pages it makes me smile!

  78. Thanks for a great review! I’m a huge EC fan, this past planner I chose the full frame pic, I have recently put in a large order for new interchangeable covers, jester,scales,another full frame. My life planner next year will be the gold edition. So beautiful!! Thanks for a wonderful give away!

  79. Would love to win this. I’ve never owned an Erin Condren Life Planner. I’ve been doing lots of research and they seem to be amazing.

  80. There are so many to choose from! The colors and the designs are all phenomenal!!! If I had to choose I would say the Zen Life Planner is my fav! I love the accessories they have also and the stickers are a great idea!

  81. I would get the one where you can list all the things you love. Only instead of putting the things I like I would do it with quotes or sayings I love .

  82. Wish I had the platinum one. It is def worthy the extra funds. I almost got it but choose a different one telling myself why!!! Lol

    1. Left my comment before I clicked on the “Left Comment” box! I already have a LP and TP, but I would choose a LP for my daughter. She is DYING for her first EC Planner and wants the sea foam color Sea Horse cover.

  83. Hi there. I recently discovered the ECLP and agree that the covers are all beautiful. With so many fabulous covers to choose from, its a hard decision to make! After much deliberation, I would love the Pink Platinum Bubblegum LP. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  84. I found EC when looking for a mom planner. It seemed like a good option! I’ve not received mine yet but I’m looking forward to getting the paisley ECLP!

  85. I love the life planners. The classic ones. I am actually looking at the one you featured with two additional covers. I love the chalkboard look as well as the quote. I will also probably get the taffy cover and the beautiful cover!

  86. I love the Brave quote cover! I’m active in MOPs and our theme this year is “Be you bravely” so perfect for a planner cover!

  87. I’ve spent the last 20 years in the Navy carrying a plain black planner! I’d love the pink or aqua platinum foiled version to carry as I journey through retirement!

  88. I would choose the planner that says : There are so many beautiful reasons to be Happy…..I would choose this one because I have not had such a happy life, but after a lot of years of support from a few certain, wonderful people, I have experienced happiness once again…

  89. I love these planners. I would probably choose the go confidently planner but knowing me I would go back and forth for awhile before I could choose!

  90. Love Erin Condren products! I do reviews/unboxings on my channel and a weekly planning session with my life planner. I just for a notebook and I love it!!

  91. I would love an On The Go notebook with the “so many beautiful reasons” cover. I would use it as a gratitude journal in the front and then a place to keep important info (I’m always jotting things on post it’s and losing them) in the back. Thanks for hosting!

  92. I don’t even have an EC Planner and I haven’t purchased one. I have spent the better part of the last week deciding on what planner I want. And the EC planners are just so AWESOME! This would be a dream to win!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway 😉

  93. I love the Quotes planner, Inspire. I’m going into education so it naturally fits! Also goes along with Girl Scouts!

  94. I am in love with the taffy stripes design. I saw a picture of a planner done in that design, with black and white stripes, and a glittery gold heart in the middle. Beautiful! I would do that, or choose the “Believe” cover. Love these!

  95. I have the stripes in pink now, and the one I had before was a striped sorority one. I think a change of pace to Fleur Feliz would be lovely!

  96. Thanks for sharing your giveaway on the Facebook page 🙂 I LOVE my EC Planners, and am getting ready to order my 2015 soon! Love your pictures too

  97. I own the Life Planner with the paisley cover. I would love to make my next Life Planner one of the foil ones, and I would love to gift one of these to my sister!

  98. I have the dahlia with red background and white accents, but I’ve been looking at additional covers. I love the pink platinum one and the live, love, learn cover!

  99. Great review. I’ve been wanting an ECLP for ages. Too bad the giveaway is only open to US. I do have friends in the U.S who could receive the planner for me and send it on though, if that would make me eligible to win.

  100. I love the foil life planners! I’ve never had one before so I’d love to get that. That’s definitely my style! I also really like the coil clips. I think being able to attach different notes and cards directly in my planner would be so helpful.

  101. I DROOL over the Gold Turquoise edition but it’s out of my price range. I really like the Fleur Feliz in rainbow! So fun!

  102. I really want the “I want you to be brave” quote life planner because I need to remember that I am in charge of my own life and not to sit back and have someone else tell me how to be.

  103. Oh I love me some EC Life Planners!! I actually have had a few in the past and then this year switched over to a Day Designer (Whitney English) but really miss having my ECLP. If I won (**crosses fingers**) I would probably get the gold foil cover in white. The gold edition covers are so pretty…. but then again part of me wants to design my own. AHHHH decisions! 😉

  104. I am obsession over the address books! There are so many fabulous designs it is taking me a while to decide so I keep visiting!

  105. OMG! Seriously… how GREAT is this giveaway?!?!?! Thank you for sharing with us!! I am so completely excited to get a planner… either the “believe” one or the “party dots”. Or maybe even the pink chevron. I also want to get a couple sets of the coil clips, some stickers and maybe an extra cover. Thanks again!


  106. I love all the planners but my favorite is the gold and blue planner. It’s gorgeous and so elegant. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing planner

  107. My favorite life planner is the “Imagine Dream Become”. I love this quote and having it on the planner is absolutely perfect!

  108. My second LP is printed and about to be shipped and I couldn’t be more excited! I got the collage cover along with the dahlia and candy lace covers. The dahlia I did a custom color and the candy lace I went with mocha. My next cover will be either taffy stripes or the bows and I will also be ordering one for my mom for Christmas this year! Cannot wait to get her addicted to them as well!

  109. I LOVE all things EC, my favorite cover is “My Favorite things.” And for any newbies out there–you can change the colors or add a quote to your cover!! I wish I had know that when I ordered my first one!! And I’m so glad you pointed out what coil clips are–they are a must. I had to place a 2nd order just for the coil clips!!

  110. If I were to win an EC Life Planner I would pick the gold version with a pink backing. If I couldn’t have pink then white would be next color. I really like the gold planners and I would but some extra stickers and cool clips. I love these planners so much but they are very expensive!!
    Goodluck Everyone(:

  111. I would honestly love any of the quotes cover for the life planner. I also love the anchor one from the sorority section!

  112. I would choose the ECLP in taffy stripes, but I would get the blues and greens one since those are my favorite colors.

  113. My first LP is making it’s way across the country right now but I need some goodies to go with it! The coil clips look indispensable and I can’t wait to try the planner bands!

  114. Last year I did the Collage – which everyone loved! but this year I think I want to do the Mod Morroco! It’s so simple but still fun!

  115. one day left and I’m so anxious. I love all EC planners so i’d just pick one and Id probably do a random act of kindness and give the remanding money to someone that also wants an EC.

  116. I would choose the “I wanna See you be Brave” planner. I’ve been through so much and still came out strong! Bravery is what a person needs to make it through! Being brave and not a coward can get you through a lot!

    1. I love the Sara Barillas Song! We got to see her live @ Scentsy Family Reunion, and I was surprised how down to earth she is. when she sang Brave, we all went Crazy! Proud of you for getting through all that you have been through!

  117. I purchased my first ECLP this year – the sea animals. I also like the turquoise platinum cover. They are amazing planners.

  118. I love Erin Condren!! If I won the contest I would get the taffy stripes in pink!! Loved your review and thanks for doing this contest!!

  119. I Just found EC tonight and your post was SO helpful! I am currently obsessing over the Platinum with Turquoise . I want to Add the Coil clips because of your post, and the Pen holder, and blank labels. I’m also obsessing over the matching notepaper. Thanks for a wonderful post and a super amazing and generous contest! Much love!

  120. I’m in love with Erin Condren stuff! I have the TP, LP, take note notebook, greeting cards. I really want the new spiral notebook!

  121. Erin Condren rules!!!!! I am on my second planner and all I can say is LOVE. It has made my life more organized and if I was lucky enough to win a gift card, I’d get my mom the “I wanna see you be Brave”. She’s 1 year cancer free and this would be a perfect reminder of how much she’s be able to overcome!

  122. So I am pretty sure I would get the new spiral notebook with dividers if I won!! I would get the cover that says, “I Want To See You Be Brave” because my daughters always sing that song 🙂

  123. What an awesome birthday present this would be. I am an avid Erin Condren fan. I need to order my 2015 calendar.

  124. I would get the Paisley pattern with white background and multi colored paisley!!!! I am hoping to get my first planner this year–I LOVE how these are made and look, but just don’t have the extra $ lying around at the moment. I’ve watched a thousand videos and even joined a few groups, I want one so bad. Lol.

  125. I just got my first LP in platinum pink at the end of July. It took me a little bit to get into the swing of things but I am obsessed now! I never thought I would want another cover for my planner but I’ve recently been thinking about getting a new one for the fall season coming up. I think I want the paisley cover with a customized color combination!

  126. Erin Condren = instant obsession! Thank goodness for people like you, who post pictures and reviews online, or else it is unlikely I would have ever accidentally stumbled across these amazing creations.

    I would go GOLD with my life planner, baby! Seafoam background, I am sure. Then, I would just have to get an interchangeable “work hard, play hard” cover. Let’s not even mention those picture stickers… ahh. <3

    Thank you for your blog post 🙂

  127. I LOVE EC. I am now back in the workforce, after being a SAHM, and being self employed it really helps keep me organized!

  128. I already have a beautiful charcoal foil LP. But, I’m engaged, so I’m hearing a wedding planner call my name! 🙂

  129. My first choice for a planner cover would be a personal design with my favorite quote…for the week, as it changes often…lol. But if I had to choose, I think I would go with the “Go Confidently…” quote!

  130. I absolutely love the life planner -happy stripes such a beautiful cover and I love that I can put a family picture on the front

  131. 4 minutes…Its been an amazing time over the last couple weeks…good luck to everyone. I would get a Quote LP and then give the excess to someone else so they can purchase one…I know how much of a blessing this would be for me so I’d like to pass some of it on.

    1. Waiting on confirmation of social media follows from Erin Condren.
      I will contact the winners as soon as I get the all clear!

  132. What a cool site! I had never heard of them before today so thank you for introducing me to a new site/product. I love all the fun products you got. I have to say the coil clips are very cool. I also really love the planner you got. I’ve been meaning to get myself one

  133. WOW, I love how colorful these are! They put Walmart paper planners to shame! I love the personalization options and the accessories, too.

  134. I love the planner and love that you can get items personlized, which is one of the best features 🙂 thanks for sharing with us @tisonlyme143

  135. This “Life planner” really looks like it could plan your life! I love all the little extra’s! My favorite part of it is the picture stickers!

  136. I have wanted one of her planners for quite a while. I love the quote you chose for the cover of yours! And even though I knew of her planners, I had no idea about the great accessories she offered; those coil clips are brilliant and the stickers of your family are adorable.

  137. Seeing all this stuff is just teasing the homeschool momma here! She loves the items and then to top things off she missed the giveaway! Boo Hoo but that is ok, I know I will get another chance. The body butter sure is a plus in my book! Cool items for sure. 😀

  138. Last time I use a planner was in high school, lol, but they weren’t pretty as these Erin Condren planners. So much color, beautiful phrses and best of all, the stickers! 

  139. Everything I have read about these planners have always been so positive (and addicting). I wish my life could be that organized and colorful!

  140. I am definitely old school and prefer having a written, instead of electronic, agenda. This one is very cute!

  141. Trying to win again!! 😉 I entered your previous Erin Condren giveaway too! Her planners are SO amazing! I’ve been drooling over a Life Planner for months now and just need to get the gumption to BUY one!

  142. Wow I am truly impressed and now obsessed with all things Erin Condren! I am new fan, but I love pretty much everything on her website. I have added the life planner, labels, and invitations to my must have list. I had no idea they sold lotion – I will totally have to check out the accessory bundle you mentioned above.

  143. I like the jumbo calendar with photo because I need help keeping up with dates and pictures is always nice to look at.

  144. I so need a life planner, with a new job and 4 grandchildren in 4 different families, I am having a hard time keeping up with everything.

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