Fall in Love With Home: The Hottest Interior Trends for Fall 2017

The times, they are a-changing and as those long summer nights draw in and the leaves go from green to brown, it’s time to cast our eye over the looks that will breathe new life and vibrancy into your home as the weather begins to lose its lustre. As winter starts sharpening its knives for us, we’re all likely to be spending a little less time in the garden and a whole lot more time indoors, so it’s time to focus on bringing warmth, cheer and style to your interiors however grey and drizzly the autumnal skies may be.

The Hottest Interior Trends for Fall 2017
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Whether you have your sights set on complete home remodeling or just a touch up, here and there, stick with these abiding principles and your home will be the talk of the town and a refuge for friends and family against the caprices of the wind and rain.

The Hottest Interior Trends for Fall 2017

Teal is back!

Teal is a wonderful color as it can be both cold and warm depending on the ambient lighting and the colors with which you complement it. It can be used alongside rich wooden browns in your furniture or skirting boards or it can be used in contrast to blond wood and fresh, clean whites to create an airy, breezy feel in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Accessorise with turquoise glass and soft, light greys.

Switch things up in the bedroom!

No, it’s not relationship advice. We’re talking about your plain, drab bedding. Cast aside the plain, the neutral and the ordinary and make a statement. Bold, vibrant patterns and color blocking should be the norm for your bedding this coming season. Keep it classy and neutral in your bedroom decor but offset it with vibrancy in your bed linen and accessories. Be sure to choose complementary colors and you’ll find that your room is lent a sense of cheer and liveliness that will negate the somber weather and help chase away those winter blues.

The Hottest Interior Trends for Fall 2017

Go low-tech

In today’s fast paced world of 4G wifi and unparalleled connectivity, many of us want to have a little time away from the tech-centric realities of the 21st century. Decorating spare rooms, dens and studies with neutral colors and using natural materials such as wood, cotton and linen can help to create a relaxed and soothing environment to read, meditate, listen to music and take a little time for yourself.

Get the velvet touch

As the weather grows colder and harsher, you’ll want to invite a little luxury into your home and velvet is just the way to do it. Velvet not only has a luxurious feel but a rich, sumptuous appearance making it the must have for furniture upholstery and accessories. If you don’t feel like re-upholstering your furniture or springing for a new armchair, even throwing some velvet cushions here and there can inject a little luxury into any room.

Get geometric

Square metro tiles are so last season, darling. If you’re planning on doing some remodelling in the bathroom, kitchen  or en-suite then it’s all about intricate geometric patterns to add a little dynamism to the room!


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