I recently received some 
 They are so cute, and such a great idea.
I sure wish that they were around when we
were raising our 10 children.
I’m sure that it would have saved us
a bundle on dentist appointments!

We always add toothbrushes to Christmas Packages
for our grand children,
so I was thrilled when I received these.
Take a look – aren’t they adorable?
 Don’t tell my grandchildren – but I’m saving one of theem
to brush my dog’s teeth:-)
I’ll try to get a video of the kid’s using them, 
and post it at a later date.
Here is some information, 
that I received
from the Light Years Ahead:

Getting kids to brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes 
has always been a challenge.  
 which lights up and blinks for one minute, 
has made teeth brushing fun, so kids will do it longer!

¨       Attracts kids because it is bright, sparkly and innovatively shaped

¨       LCD light in handle incorporates “blinking technology” to flash brightly for one minute when base is pressed
¨       Separate 60-second cycles promote habit of one solid minute brushing upper teeth, one minute lower teeth
¨       Developed for ages 3-12
¨       Soft nylon strands are individually end-rounded to prevent microscopic cuts to gums
¨       Soft, yet strong enough to bend immediately back into shape
¨       Number One-selling brand toothbrush sold at Target
¨       Handle ergonomically designed for child’s hand
¨       End cap is securely attached to handle and can’t be pulled off
¨       Designed for 200 uses – reminds kids and parents to replace toothbrush every 3 months as recommended by dentists
¨       Available in assortment of translucent colors, including:
·         Clear
·         Blue
·         Pink
·         Green
·         Red


Questions and Answers with Steven J. Brattesani, D.D.S.
Q: At what age should kids start brushing their teeth?
A: Once children’s teeth appear, parents should begin a brushing routine with a soft-bristled toothbrush like the FireFly® by Dr. Fresh® and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.   Brushing in gentle circles starting at the gum line and moving across the teeth is the most effective way to brush.  Until your child reaches the age of 6, when dexterity improves, you should supervise to make sure the process is thorough.
Q: How long should children brush their teeth?
A: From the time children have most baby teeth, they should brush their teeth for two minutes, spending one minute on the uppers and one minute on the lowers.  That’s basically the time it takes to sing one song.  The FireFly, which blinks for 60 seconds, is also a perfect way to instill the one-minute each arch brushing routine.   It’s bright and fun – my young patients love it!
Q: What kind of bristles should a children’s toothbrush have?
A: Soft, rounded bristles are the best so that they don’t cut soft young gums.  They should be pliable yet bounce easily back into shape.
Q: What was the genesis of the FireFly toothbrush?
A: The FireFly toothbrush was developed when Dr. Fresh (yes, he is a real person) could not get his young daughter to brush for long enough.  To inspire “psychological compliance,” he basically took the LCD light out of a pair of fancy sneakers and put it in the bottom of a regular toothbrush.  With more research and development, he created the FireFly, which uses the same “blinking technology” in a durable, ergonomically-designed toothbrush for kids. 
Q: Is the light in the FireFly toothbrush safe?
A: It is perfectly safe inside the waterproof plastic and rubber handle.  The base of the toothbrush cannot be removed.
Q: How often should a toothbrush be changed?
A: Every 3 months, children (and adults) should replace their toothbrush.  The FireFly is designed for 200 usages, which, when used twice a day, lasts for approximately 3 months.
Q: Should children floss and what is the best way to help them?
A: Flossing should be started even when a child has just the two front teeth.  Flossing is really important for molars because they are generally closer to each other than the front teeth.  Again, until they reach the age of 6, you will have to help them.  Gently lift the floss up between teeth towards the gum and all the way through to the inside of the mouth.  Don’t saw – that can damage fragile young gum tissue.
Q: How do I promote good brushing habits?
A: The best way to promote good brushing habits is by example.  Demonstrate and explain, over and over again.  Compare brushing your teeth with washing your hands – plaque on teeth is like the dirt on your hands and both are full of germs.  If you don’t properly brush your teeth, that plaque can cause harm to teeth and gums, including cavities and gingivitis.  But don’t make it sound scary.  Be enthusiastic about having a healthy smile and your child will be enthusiastic as well!
¨       SRP $.98 at mass merchandise stores including Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Big-Lots;
¨       FireFly has also aligned with top Licenses such as Spiderman, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Peanuts, Strawberry Shortcake, Tweetie Bird, Scooby Doo and Bratz