From the Publishers:

Grandmothers’ Stories

Wise Woman Tales from Many Cultures

Appreciate the gifts of our elders with this collection of wise woman tales. The eight stories in this anthology are each from a different culture and illustrate the finest qualities of the strong women characters. Book with double CDs edition includes stories read by actress Olympia Dukakis.
Ages 7 and up
Retold By: Burleigh Muten
Illustrated By: Siân Bailey
Narrated By: Olympia Dukakis

My Review: Adorable illustrations, accompany 9 Stories from around the world.  I went immediately to The Woman In The Moon, since it’s is an Hawaiian tale, and one of my grandsons, was born on Oahu. Ms. Dukakis voice is smooth and rich and soothing.  Barefoot Books, will be on my list from now on, for quality childrens’ literature.

I received a copy of this book for this review.


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