Five Interior Decor Trends Your Home Needs For 2020

As with fashion, interior design trends tend to shift but (unlike fashion) decor trends don’t tend to be as fickle. This means that you can be sure that any renovations you choose to do will not only inject some new life, but will also last. 

Here are five top picks for interior decor trends to update your home in 2020.

Silver furnishings 

Gone are the days when rose gold and brass took over seemingly everything, from our jewelry to our bedroom door knobs. The ‘it’ metal making a comeback in 2020 is silver, adding a beautiful contrast and juxtaposition to the warmer-toned neutral colors that are currently trending. Update your kitchen and bathroom handles with a cool, sleek shiny silver or gunmetal counterpart for a cheap and easy way to update your furnishings instantly. 


Plant on table in front of dark green wall - Interior Decor Trends

Taking over the walls in your bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen cabinets very soon, green has been dubbed the paint color of the year by Dulux.

Green breathes life and adds a certain freshness into any interior no matter the shade. Whether it be a dark forest green or a cool pastel apple shade, you can expect to see green hues throughout our homes in 2020. If you are thinking of adding a touch of green to your own home, use a deeper jewel tone when it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, or replace your kitchen units and furnishings with olive tones using fresh paint from


You’ve probably already noticed this trend all over the internet and slowly trickling through into social media. From rustic-looking wooden spoons to kitchen cabinets, this trend started to pop up last year but has come into its own in 2020. Stripping it back to basics, rustic farm-house style is the look of the moment, and it’s only going to get bigger – think sophisticated European countryside chic. While you can find a lot of pieces via most online home-ware shops, to make this trend extra sustainable and eco-friendly, shop second hand and accessorize your kitchen with wooden chopping boards, utensils and bowls. If you really love this look, then invest and replace your kitchen cabinets with natural woods which will look beautiful paired with marble counters. 

Organic Pottery 

Out of all the trends, this is a quick and easy one to add to your home but is such a classic that it is bound to look timeless in many years to come, making it well worth the investment. Following on nicely from the rustic trend, look for pottery and planters that look like they were handmade over 100 years ago – the more shabby and slightly disheveled in appearance the better. While any size will do, if you really want to make an impact then the bigger and bolder the better.

Rattan & Cane 

Already on the scene for a while, rattan and cane are set to be even bigger in 2020. They also tie in nicely with the general warm and natural theme that we are currently seeing in interior design. Both classic and extremely versatile, you definitely won’t be stuck for choice. Pick and choose from various cane and rattan options such as bed frames, chairs and benches. These will last you for years to come without making your house look dated like other trends which tend to come and go quickly. Adding some decorative oars would also complement and add colors to the rattan and cane.



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