Moving home can be seen as one of the most stressful times in someone’s life so it’s no wonder people are forever looking for ways to make it run smoothly and easily. Unfortunately, there always tends to be some really simple things that people forget when they’re planning a move. Through no fault of their own, of course. It’s just human nature to forget every now and then. Have a look here at some of the simple things that people sometimes forget when moving home and make sure you avoid missing them off your list.


Probably one of the most obvious things you could think about when it comes to packing however when you’re rushing, little things like labeling your boxes can easily be one of the forgotten things. It may seem like a really simple mistake but it could really spell disaster the other end of the move, the impact it could have could be quite a big one and you will find yourself pull out your hair. The best thing to do is add this to label each box as you go and make sure anyone helping also labels too. You should include things such as the name of the room they are going to be put in when unloading and maybe a snippet of what’s inside, you can add as much detail as you like but simply an indication will do. Make sure you’re marking any boxes that contain fragile or heavy items clearly as this will ensure the crew knows to take extra care when dealing with these. Adding ‘unpack first’ could prove useful especially when you’re hunting for your tooth brush or the kettle.

Pack It Right

If you don’t use the right packing material s when moving you are bound to fall into a number of issues, one of the biggest being the risk of damage to your belongings. Boxes that aren’t strong and big enough for their contents can and will easily collapse purely because of the weight, even worst bin bags of clothes can very easily tear open leaving your items all over the place and even worst damaged. Bags and boxes that aren’t adequate for the job hand just won’t do so it’s best to make sure you invest in decent packaging materials for a successful move. If you’re using a moving company, chances are you’re not going to want things like your delicate flying around from dodgy bin bags. If you end up using rubbish supplies, you could be leaving your items vulnerable to the elements if you’re moving in awful weather. You can sometimes pick up freebies from the supermarket, they often give away decent cardboard boxes and they have already proven there worth by carrying heavy stock so they should be safe to use.  

Packing Wrong

When you finally get into the swing of things it can be really easy to go overboard and you will find yourself not been able to stop packing. While that can be a good thing, it’s also a bad thing as you may end up getting carried away and start packing things you might actually need before the move or on the actual day of the move. If you have anyone helping you this can be even worst as of course, they’re not going to know what you need before or during your mover, their priority is simple to pack your items in to boxes because they’re ‘helping’ so make sure you put your needed items to one side before packing and let anyone helping know they are items to be left alone.

Do you have anything else that goes forgotten when moving? Please share them in the comments section below.  

Forgotten Things When Moving

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