{FREE} 4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class

Are you looking to make a little extra money?  Grant it, it is not overnight riches, but blogging can be a great way to run an at home business.  Have you ever wondered how to get started?  If so, I have a great opportunity to share with you.

Blogelina is now offering her very popular 4-week blogging class — for FREE! (Deadline to sign-up is May 31st)

If you sign up for this free class, here’s what you receive:

  • A class manual – packed with 60 pages of information that will help take the overwhelming out of starting your own blog
  • 4 weekly online class sessions where you can ask your questions and get personalized feedback
  • A FREE year of web hosting. (WOW!)
  • Blueprints, step-by-step tutorials, networking with other bloggers – Everything you need to grow your blog.
  • Save yourself a lot of time, trouble, and money – learn from my own experiences what to do and not to do.

To Learn More & SIGN UP -just click the image below.

{FREE} 4-Week Profitable Blogging For Beginners Class

FREE – 4 Week Blogging Class – How to REALLY Make Money Blogging

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0 thoughts on “FREE – 4 Week Blogging Class – How to REALLY Make Money Blogging

  1. I am not a blogger but have been thinking (dreaming really) of becoming one. Perhaps when I retire I will have the time needed to invest. Thanks for the information.

  2. i am a stay at home mom and i wasn’t thinking of making money right away off of it. i wanted to host giveaways and also write about stuff that interests me. the only problem i have is i have no idea how to build a web page! it overwhelms me. i have the time to do it though!

  3. I am signed up and have already learned a lot from the book alone! I am finishing up my blog Biz Plan and I am sure I missed something, so I am looking forward to closing some of the holes.

  4. I just signed up! I’ve had many people tell me that I should start my own blog so maybe this is finally it!

  5. I’ve been blogging since 2008 but only made a pittance from the ads on my blog! I really should sign up and learn how to grow and monetize my blog!

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  6. I can’t wait to start learning more about the blogging business! I’m pretty blind when it comes to that!

  7. This is wonderful. I signed up for the class & am looking forward to learning all I can about blogging. Plus, making ANY money from it will be a major blessing.

  8. Thank you so much for this class. I have been going crazy trying to figure these blogs out, and what better way to figure them out then to take a class.

  9. I thought I had gotten signed up for this but haven’t received anything about it and then my computer sound went out so I wouldn’t be able to hear it. Hope it is offered again in the future so I can do it because I am going to begin blogging but need help getting started.

  10. As much time as I spend in front of my computer, I really need to consider doing this….

  11. I think blogging is a great platform to turn into an actual business. I think the only thing I can think of to keep in mind is knowing what kind of message you want to send out and keeping in mind that it should be enjoyable. All the blogs I’ve encountered seem to be run by bloggers who really enjoy and take time to create a space that represents them in a wholesome way! I think it’s impressive that people can do that! I would probably benefit from this class in so many ways, but I know that the areas that I’m curious about are the common mistakes that are made by first time bloggers and the technical website running information.

  12. I really need this class.. I have a blog i have been working on, need to get into it more. I am just not sure how to get readers, get into giveaways etc..

  13. This sounds like a wonderful class. I think I might sign up for this besides it couldn’t hurt. Thank you for sharing this information because I would not have known about this.

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