Get Car Lovers’ Hearts Racing With These Automotive Gifts

Christmas sees us poring over the perfect gift for those who are nearest and dearest to us. When it comes down to it, most of us will have a car lover within our family or circle of friends. So what can we get for them without pulling up a brand new vehicle with a big bow on top? There must be some more affordable options out there! Well, not to worry. We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for those who love their set of wheels.

Get Car Lovers' Hearts Racing With These Automotive Gifts

A Personalised Number Plate

Every car owner dreams of a personalised number plate, but it’s just not one of those things that people generally buy for themselves. They will usually put it off in favour of putting their cash to more practical use. But, when it comes to giving gifts, you want to hand over something special that someone will see as a luxury and a treat. So, browse the personalised number plates available on the market. Many common names will already be taken, or will have extortionate price tags attached. But try alternative spellings, replacing certain letters for numbers, or opting for a surname rather than a first name. Once you’ve found the best plate, have it sent on out and wrap it up, ready to go!

Get Car Lovers' Hearts Racing With These Automotive Gifts

Satellite Navigation

Many cars now come with satellite navigation installed. This goes to reflect their ever increasing popularity. Nowadays, you even have to follow a Sat Nav while undertaking your driving test, as it’s considered such an essential part of being on the road! But if you have someone who isn’t quite up to speed with the times, it may be time to introduce them to the benefits of one of the most useful pieces of tech out there. Tell them to say goodbye to paper maps and give them the gift of direction.

A Dash Cam

If you’ve been in a taxi lately, you’ll probably have noticed that more drivers are installing dash cams into their vehicle. This a precautionary measure: if other road users make mistakes or drive irresponsibly, the driver with the dash cam will have all of the evidence they need to prove their case for insurance claims. This can prove to be a massively practical investment for anyone who drives regularly and spends a lot of time on the roads; whether that’s driving to and from work, running errands or heading out on long-distance road trips.

Speedometer Cufflinks

Your gift to a car lover doesn’t necessarily have to be practical. In fact, it could merely be a little trinket that shows others their passion for everything automotive! Consider something like little speedometer cufflinks. These are quaint and a real novelty. They will add a personal touch to their outfit should they sport a shirt and tie combo on a regular basis, or merely for a special occasion.

These are just a few ideas to race into the good books of your nearest and dearest car lovers. Get shopping!

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