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In Bleakness Color And Vibrancy Finds A Home

What weighs on our minds as we go through life always has the same kind of parameters. It’s almost like a chronic pain, but a dull series of thoughts always seem to exist where there is a worry. Don’t try to ‘fix’ yourself by doing things that go against your natural instincts. You’re always going to have depression living a few doors down from where you normally exist in your mind. Everyone worries about their life in terms of financial woes and planning, making sure their children have a better life than they did and provided for them, as well as the day-to-day hardships of life like medical issues. Injecting positivity into your life starts where you spend most of your time, and that’s at home. As the winter creeps up and the days begin to get shorter, and daylight is ever-escaping, don’t let the bleakness of life and the seasonal shift bring you down. Brighter colors have a positive and soothing effect on our minds, especially when implemented in the living space. Not only do they make the room look more spacious, but sanitize sharp edges and points. Here are a few ideas for injecting vibrancy into your home.


 In Bleakness Color And Vibrancy Finds A Home
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Funky chairs for leisure

For the most part, families want a family-size couch or sofa to be present in their living room. It’s understandable as this large piece of furniture is like the workhorse of the home. You can sit comfortably on it and watch television, curl up with a laptop or tablet to do a bit of work, have a meaningful conversation with a friend or loved one, and of course, go to sleep on it when you’re too tired to move. However as leather is the material of choice for the majority of manufacturers, darker tones are the norm. To add a little funkiness and color into your living room, how about getting an adult-sized egg chair? Or perhaps a large beanbag chair that has vibrant, attractive colors as per it’s design and style. There are also designer chairs that are built for comfort and leisure which do well in lounge rooms as well as living rooms. Greens, oranges, yellows and pinks could splash the much needed brightness into your living room.

Freshness in the home

Part of what makes a living space a little annoying or unbearable at times is the lack of freshness. Muggy and hot air lingers in rooms that are small and also when the house isn’t aired properly. When we think of decor pieces or decorative additions to the home that is fresh and full of life, flowers automatically leap out. As winter surely seeks to grip nature’s throat and slowly cease life outdoors, why not place gorgeous and exotic Hawaiian flowers of the month in your kitchen, bedroom and dining area? Like all modern memberships, you can just try this out with a 3-month membership, or something longer in the way of half a year to all year round. On top of this, it’s free shipping, and the company gives a guarantee the flowers will arrive to your door, fresh and sprightly. Not only will the fill the air with a light scent, but it’ll create somewhat of a seasonal paradox. Outside the winter covers the land, cold and crisp but inside your home, it smells, looks and feels like tropicana has come to say hello.

Away with neutral bedrooms

 In Bleakness Color And Vibrancy Finds A Home
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The most common color in bedrooms is white. Indeed it looks bright and may even give you the impression of spring and a little vibrancy. However white is a neutral color, same as black and grey which are the other most common colors found in most people’s bedrooms. Psychologically, in the back of your mind, it may brush off an air of boredom and mundanity. Do away with the whites and greys, and be creative. Affordable Egyptian cotton 1000 thread sheets aren’t just comfortably but bring a little of the north African country to humble home abode. Fantastic and luscious ruby reds, shining beige and glittering gold, along with light ocean blue sheets are just some of the colors from the line of style. Yes, even the white pillow needs to be done away with. For this also you can buy feather pillows that come with flexible sheets that are slightly thicker than cotton. Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are stretchy and easily dyed into any sort of color you can think off. Release a little purple or brown into the bedroom with these colors adorning your pillowcase. A brighter bed with splendid coloration lifts up your mood better than a neutral or darker tone would.


 In Bleakness Color And Vibrancy Finds A Home
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Lamps playing with light

There’s not much you can do about standard bulbs as they create bright white lights or energy savers which make yellow hues. For the lamps dotted around your home, you can do two things. The lamp cover for a start can be changed into something a little cooler or warmer, changing how the light covers the room, especially at nighttime. On the other hand, you can change the base of the lamp to something more creative that will have vibrancy as part of its style. Royal blues, earthy browns and even hot-blooded maroons as smothered on a ceramic base can inject the much-needed adage of creativity and playfulness into your home. This is great for a reading corner as the subtlety in which the light spreads won’t cause you to squint or move away when you sit close.

Whether it be the general droning worries of life or going through a rough patch in life, it’s all part of the human condition. We’re creatures which are constantly thinking about the pressures of life, and that’s not something that can change overnight. Living in a comfortable space that is also easy on the eyes, is something we should all be striving for. Darker tones to hide stains and scuffs easier, but they don’t inject that playfulness and vibrancy that we all have a liking for. There’s a reason why we like big open green fields, and it’s not just because of the spacious element. It’s because the green has an effect on our mood and the way we feel about what we’re experiencing. So go ahead and breathe new life into your home styling.

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