Planning for Large Gatherings During the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to get together with your family and friends. From sharing laughs to exchanging secrets, the holidays allow you to strengthen your bond with loved ones.

If you plan to play host to a holiday party this year, you have your work cut out for you. Besides having to take care of your guests, you also need to make sure that they have fun at your party.

To help you hit all of these goals this season, here’s how to plan for large holiday gatherings.

Host Your Party Outdoors

If you have the area to spare, you should consider hosting your party outdoors. This gives your guests plenty of space to move around while also making it easier for you to set up equipment. It’s not difficult to learn how to make your outdoor party a success either. By taking actions such as investing in decor, lighting, and entertainment, you can put together a memorable shindig for a large group of people.

Set a Fun Theme for Your Party

Regardless of the space that you are working with, you need to set a clear theme for your holiday party. This not only puts everyone in a festive mood but also helps you put together cohesive decoration, dining, and entertainment options. For instance, if you host a white elephant gift exchange, you can ask your guests to wear men’s and women’s ugly Christmas sweaters. This can instantly get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Offer Crowd-Pleasing Party Foods

After choosing your party theme, you should focus on what type of party foods you want to serve at your holiday gathering. If your cooking typically earns you heaps of praise, you can whip up these dishes by yourself. To easily prepare a large amount of food, you may use tools such as a recipe manager app and opt for a gas grill for a barbecue. Otherwise, you may delegate this task to professional caterers who can manage the needs of a large guest list.

9 thoughts on “Planning for Large Gatherings During the Holidays

  • I would love to do a Christmas PJ party that way everyone will be comfy and in the mood for games and food.

  • Large gatherings are not for me. I am glad we don’t have a large family, honestly. I prefer smaller groups!

  • I love gatherings for any occasion! Thanks for this share!

  • I love the idea of having a holiday party outside but sadly I live in a cold climate!

  • These are great suggestions for parties but right now hosting outdoors is a no go for us. We live in the northeast and It is in the 30’s and dipping into the 20’s and no one would show LOL.

  • we just got a patio heater for the slightly colder weather this winter for us in the bay area.. and hopefully that will help us have a good get-together outdoors

  • Your ideas are absolutely amazing, and I appreciate you sharing them with us

  • Such awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing them! I can’t wait to use them later this month!

  • I haven’t been to a huge family gathering since I divorced. I can’t say I miss it but I never did the planning. It was always potluck too.


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