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Moonstone is a type of semi-precious gemstone. It has been used as jewelry by people for quite some time.  Countries like India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Finland, Madagascar, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland, and Tanzania are home to some of the top quality moonstones available today. In fact, the blue moonstone with its transparent texture from Sri Lanka is considered to be the most exquisite by experts in the gemstone industry. Read on to understand more about Moonstone:

What is Moonstone?

The moonstone is actually a type of mineral that is formed below the earth’s crust. The moonstone is formed when two minerals, namely, albite and orthoclase get combined due to heat and pressure. As this cools down, they can be parted to reveal different layers, resulting in moonstone. This natural process results in different colored moonstones. Moonstones come in a wide variety of colors like blue, pink, rainbow, brown, black, gray, green, chocolate and peach. Among them, the most popular moonstones are the ones that have a rainbow or blue hue. Interestingly, ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the moonstone was formed as a result of moonbeams that froze after falling on the earth’s surface.

How does Wearing Moonstone Jewelry help?

With its natural beauty, it is no surprise that the moonstone has made its way into jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and so on. However, it signifies a lot more than making great jewelry pieces. Here is how it helps the one wearing it.

A New Beginning

Moonstone is often considered as a gemstone that favors new beginnings. Many people even place moonstone gems near there writing table or workspace to feel inspired when they embark on a new project. It’s no wonder that some couples exchange jewelry set with moonstone when they start a new relationship.

Feel Comforted

The moonstone is believed to cast a positive vibe over matters related to motherhood like conceiving, childbirth, and parenting kids. According to the experts at Clare Mills Designs many women invest in moonstone jewelry as they prepare their journey into motherhood. After all, every bit of positive vibe is useful in relationships.


Since the moonstone has the ability to complement the energies around it, it is considered to be an empathetic gemstone. Wearing jewelry set with a moonstone will enable you to get along with people better. This will help you succeed in your personal as well as professional lives.

Nurtures Your Soul

If you have been feeling low lately, it is a good idea to consider wearing some form of jewelry that has a moonstone set in it. It can help nurture your soul and make you feel more fulfilled as you cross the different obstacles that life places in your path. Jewelry made of moonstone can also help attract positive energy from the universe, and make you feel positive and more energetic

The moonstone also does wonders in protecting you from the dangers of life. Many people wear it while traveling, enduring difficult situations in life. At the end of the day, the moonstone has the ability to calm and relieve stress, making it a perfect gemstone jewelry choice.

Moonstone Jewelry: Why You Need Them?

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