FunnyFuzzy is a Dog Lovers Dream Site

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Dog lovers are a special breed of people.  We love our animals, and we aren’t afraid for others to know that fact. We cherish are pets, they are family.  As for me, I want them to feel secure, be happy, and healthy.  I also want their “things” to have form and function.  Enter FunnyFuzzy!

FunnyFuzzy is a Dog Lovers Dream Site

Funny Fuzzy

From luxury dog beds to leashes…outdoor wear and grooming.  Car accessories, feeders. and MORE.

Funny Fuzzy

I got this fabulous Sweet Dreams Dog Sleeping Set in grey (it comes in 8 color/color combinations).  I love the set and so do the wonderful furbabies that stay with me from time to time.

Funny Fuzzy Dog Bed and Canopy

Each piece is extremely well made with soft yet durable fabrics.  The best part is that they are washable.  The bed comes completely apart so that it can be washed whenever needed.  The “blanket” can also be used as a bed too, for dogs who prefer to be stretched out on a flatter surface.  It offers a barrier from the floor and a bit of cushioning.  The fact that they look so great and blend in with the rest of my decor, is a huge bonus. My husband actually commented on how nice it looked on the sofa.  LOL, he thought it was another decorative throw!

Funny Fuzzy Blanket

Funny Fuzzy Dog Bed

As I mentioned earlier, they also carry feeders.  Belle is very happy with the elevated dog bowls. The Canine Ergonomic Raised Dog Bowls come in small, medium, large and extra-large so that dogs don’t have to lean over to eat, which is a much healthier option for them!

Funny Fuzzy Elevated Feeder

Info From Funny Fuzzy


We believe having them in our life is the most wonderful journey.

We want to enjoy every moment with them.

That’s how we started, to make this journey delightful and memorable.

Aren’t we all want to spend more time with them, use the products that make them feel comfortable, we wish that we could give everything to them.

So, we make it simple, we put all the things into one: multi-functional leashes, all-purpose harnesses…all basic on simple and practical principles with our years of experience in the pet product industry.

Not only do we value practicality, but we also hold on to our aesthetic value.

The beautiful design could evoke your inner emotions, which your pet could be connected with. That makes our product more than an object.

Quality is important for us. It shows our responsibility and reliability to our pets.

Therefore, we set our manufacturing standard to a high level, that’s how we do as an owner, a parent, a good friend.

Are you wondering what goes through their little minds?

Although we don’t speak dog language, we could show affection through our actions. There are many ways to show them, and there is more than one way to love them. “

Info from FunnyFuzzy

When they say excellent quality, they aren’t kidding.

Each item I received is extremely well made and, I’m sure, will last a very long time. In fact, I can truthfully say that the dog bed is the most well made that I have ever come across in all my years of being a dog owner. As far as the feeder goes it’s strong, sturdy, and the legs easily fold out and back in, but stay in place once opened.

Head on over and check out all they have:

Once you’ve taken a look around, come back here and let me know what caught your eye!

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