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The top items which you should move only with the help of the moving professionals!!!

Thinking about hiring a moving company?  If yes, you are making the right decision because there are numerous items present in a home which one could not move and only a moving organization can relocate these items. There are a lot of items present in a home that requires a lot of attention especially the large, heavy furniture items.

Several items such as piano, pool table, piano furniture, and many others require special handling and treatment, and only moving professionals know the right techniques to relocate these items.

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When moving heavy and fragile items, it is better to get the help from affordable and cheap cross country movers at Pricing Van Lines instead of putting your items at the risk of damage and yourself at any risk of getting an injury. If you are interested to know what are items that you should not move by yourself then check out this list of items:

Large fish tanks 

As you know fishes can’t live without water therefore, they need to be transported in the same condition as they are now making the process quite difficult. It is made of glass which makes it fragile. Also, there are certain rules and regulations to follow when moving pets which a moving company knows well, therefore, let the job in the hands of movers.


Relocating pianos is not a child’s play and it is not going to be an easy task to do. It weighs in hundreds and thousands of pounds and still, it has a lot of fragile parts which require special treatment when handling. Small damage to the items can make you lose thousands of dollars and no one afford to get them damaged during transportation so it is great to get the help of professionals. These are one of the most expensive items present in any home. It is devastating to drop or damage any part of the piano during transportation. Special equipment and tools are required for moving it. Only professionals have the right tools to relocate these so don’t try to do it by yourself.

Pool tables 

Pool tables are not just heavy but also a small movement of these is the biggest enemy. It requires a complicated disassembly process that is not possible to do by yourself. If you try to move it by yourself without any experience or knowledge then it can cause irreversible damage to it. A large pin is used to screw the legs into the cabinet. The unnatural moment can cause damage and imbalance of the item increasing the chances of accidents and damage to the item. That is why make sure you find the right moving company which offers the services of moving such special items.

Fine art 

Fine art is a very delicate item and you will need a really good touch to move these. Proper packing is required to keep the items safe during transportation. Also, they are highly valuable and precious, and also a single scratch will damage the entire beauty of these, and they lose their attractiveness in no time. Packing these items is quite a tough job to do because of their awkward shapes. So, hiring professionals is the right way to save your items which has tremendous monetary value.

Religious items like statues, idols, and so on 

If there are large status and frames available at your home then you should hire a moving organization to pack and move your home belongings. It is not just a monetary loss but these are also associated with sentiments. Causing damage to the items is an unfortunate accident. These are the items that are more than just expensive and you just can’t compare these with the monetary value and it is crucial to keep these safe during relocation.

Some other special equipment 

There is much other special equipment present in all the homes like sports and gym equipment which should be moved only via movers. Moving these special items is a challenging process to do and the entire assembly, disassembly, packing is associated with it which is not possible to do without any experience.

Apart from these, jacuzzies are also very heavy in weight and are like piano, firearms, statues are the items. And other items like large vehicles, bikes are the items that can be relocated to short distances but to move these at long distances, you will require a large trailer to carry these which are available only at the moving companies offering relocation services.

Wrapping it all up!!!

The entire moving process contains a lot of tasks in which you will require their assistance and if you possess items from the above list then it is mandatory to hire them. In this way, you ensure that you are relocating your expensive items without any damage as they have specialized tools to relocate these.


12 thoughts on “The top items which you should move only with the help of the moving professionals!!!

  • Yes, I so agree! We usually always hire movers to begin with. I wouldn’t trust myself to move anything.

  • If I ever move, I will enlist movers to help me with my elliptical and dressers. We have weird stairs and it is hard to get the big items down them.

  • Totally agree. We had friends move a piano once and we had to pay a huge price getting it retuned.

  • Moving is such a daunting task and It’s just right to leave it to the professionals with this equipment.

  • These are usually heavy, complicated, and delicate. I would entrust these to a moving company.

  • Ha, yes I know all too well you need a professional to move a piano. We had got get one to move ours when we moved. He then returned at a later date to tune it as it has to settle first.

  • Agree with all of these, but I would also add exercise equipment to the list! We have a treadmill and that definitely takes help to move!

  • These are definitely things best left to movers. We tried to move a piano once and it was not a good idea. Some things are important to leave to the professionals.

  • I absolutely agree on this! These items are all really heavy so we should entrust this to a moving company

  • This is such a helpful post for me since we are planning to move out soon.

  • Oh yes! You are so right. I moved several times and I learned how this is so important!

  • I totally agree with this, thanks for the post.


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