Getting a Grip on Your Life: 6 Tips for Staying Alcohol-Free

Every day there are people who decide that they are not going to drink alcohol. There are all kinds of reasons for such a decision, but the goal is always the same: find ways to cope with life’s challenges without the effects of a substance. The world at large very rarely observes such a decision with respect, however, and there will nearly always be forces that are pushing people toward drinking alcohol. Whether you are a struggling alcoholic or someone who has never actually had a drink before, here are 6 tips for staying alcohol-free.

Get A Hobby

If you are already struggling with alcohol addiction the best thing you can do is to look into professional sources of help. 1st Step Behavioral Health is one such source that you can look into. If you are coming out of a rehabilitation clinic or are just trying to avoid the habit altogether, one helpful strategy is to develop a hobby. Nearly everyone has something that their attention is naturally drawn to. Identify what you are drawn to and begin to make a plan for what aspects of that thing you want to make a regular activity.


Some people find that the hobby they want to engage in is exercise related. Running or playing sports can be rewarding hobbies. Most people, however, do not necessarily find the idea of sweat and elevated heart rates appealing. If you are one of those people that would prefer not to run a few miles every day then exercising discipline and sticking to a regular exercise program is all the more critical. Exercise is healthy; a way for your body to release natural chemicals that can reduce felt stress and promote happiness, common reasons for turning to alcohol.

Learn Something New

Education is an investment in yourself. One challenge for people looking to avoid alcohol is the feeling of individual self-worth. This can be bolstered by taking the time and making the sacrifices necessary to invest in your future. Even if what you want to learn will not necessarily benefit your financial situation, gaining knowledge about the world around you can help you find meaning and purpose that can be reasons of themselves to avoid drinking.

Prioritize Your Family

Alcohol often is sought after as a way of filling a supposed void in the life of an individual. By filling your time with memorable interactions with your closest family members you suffocate at least one avenue that has traditionally led to drinking.

Find Someone To Talk To

These family members can also be a great resource that allows for venting and explaining how you feel. This type of action is extremely therapeutic. If you are not comfortable with the idea of sharing potentially embarrassing information with people you are close to you can seek out a professional counselor or therapist who will be able to confidentially help you.

Ask Your Friends To Support You

Social drinking is one of the most common means of introducing someone to alcohol. It is also a very common element for a recovering addict’s relapse. Avoid both situations by letting your friends and associates know that you don’t want to drink anymore. More often than not they will respect your decision and help you avoid situations and events where alcohol will be present.

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