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Getting Your Lawn Spring Ready

Spring is right around the corner and that’s when the DIYer’s thoughts transfer from the house to the garden.

If you’re outside space is looking a little sorry for itself and your lawn has seen better days, take a look at our guide to getting your grass back into shape after a long winter of cold, frost and heavy rain.

If in doubt, cheat!

If you have a lawn that receives a lot of shade in the day or doesn’t grow particularly well and only in patches, then maybe it’s time to go down a different route and take the stress out of your annual lawn care routine.

Long gone are the days where artificial grass looked like a football pitch, instead fake grass can be a natural looking addition to your garden. Choose from a variety of shades and lengths for added realism and texture.

Take a look at this selection from LawnPop ® Artificial Turf for some inspiration.


As the weather gets warmer you’ll need to start preparing your lawn for the spring ahead. Start by clearing all the fallen leaves and debris that’s fallen over the winter. Then invest in some fertilizers and organic weed killer that’s not going to have an impact on any of the wildlife that use your garden, including domestic pets.

You’ll need to reapply this mixture again in six weeks time to make sure that you’re rid of anything growing that you don’t want.

As spring draws in start mowing more often. The shorter the grass, the easier it is for it to soak up moisture and rainfall so as the weather heats up this will become a priority. More mowing will lead to a thicker, fuller lawn throughout the year.

Keep the lawn free of falling debris by trimming back dead tree branches and pulling out any plants from adjacent beds that have died off over the winter.

Go wild

Or maybe you’ll opt for a wilder look and think about going for a meadow effect. Do some research and find out which species of flowers are native to your area before sowing. A meadow will attract much more native wildlife and encourage bee and butterfly populations which can only be a good thing. The gentle buzz of a meadow garden is a great alternative to the more uniform trimmed lawns and definitely worth some consideration.

However you decide to treat your lawn, whether that’s a complete makeover from scratch, replaced with an artificial version or left to grow long, starting plans now is well worth the time and trouble. Those long winter nights and short days will soon be at an end so it’s time to start dusting off that rake and start clearing away all the debris and mulch that winter has brought with it. 

Get your lawn spring ready with our gardening tips and you’ll have grass that’s the envy of all your neighbors just in time for that summer BBQ.

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