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If you have visited the city of Idaho at least once, you will realize why it is known as ‘Gem State’. Idaho City is abundantly blessed with gemstones and other natural resources. Its panoramic landscape is the real gem for considering it a good location to move with the family. Also, the city is very clean, safe and eco- friendly to live in. The climate of this city is not too hot or cold, it has a balanced climate making it suitable for everyone to live in. Apart from that, it has some of the best schools and world-class entertainment and recreational activities at an affordable cost. Due to the comparatively low crime rate, people here are very broad-minded to help each other without fear. That’s one thing that guarantees a peaceful living in this city.

Now, let us understand in-depth why Idaho is chosen by many people to live.

  • Idaho is famous for its agriculture: Idaho is known to harvest varieties of crops like Potatoes, peas, barley, trout, onions, beets, plums, and mint. Agriculture contributes to nearly 185 different products. If you are moving to Idaho, you get an opportunity to visit the ‘Potato Museum‘ and enjoy the potatoes from the local farms. Idaho potatoes differ from potatoes grown in other states for many reasons like climate, rich volcanic soil, irrigation and ideal growing condition in the agricultural land.
  • Known for its natural resources: Natural resources like silver, lead, zinc, etc contribute extensively to the State’s economy. Gems like star garnets, opal, jasper, topaz, jade, zircon, and tourmaline are mined in Idaho hence earned its nickname “Gem State”.
  • Secure city to live with family:  Its pleasant climate, easy access to entertainment and recreational outdoor activities make it popular to live. Idaho is considered the state with the lowest crime rate. Hence, people here are very friendly and they greet each other when you walk down the street. Be it in the queue of the cash machine, grocery shop or on your way to the school to view a concert, people here are so cordial and fun-loving that you won’t believe that you are talking to a stranger.
  • Affordable homeownership: Idaho offers affordable homeownership if you have decided to stop being a tenant anymore. With the least population density, there are several housing options available. A renowned real estate broker Stewart Realty can guide and customize your property search if you are planning to move to Idaho. They will make your dream come true by assisting you from the time you get a pre-approved mortgage until the deal is settled by their no-pressure approach.
  • To live your American dream: Idaho is considered as the land of opportunity. This is the best place for a middle-class family to live in and the best place to own a house. Idaho is open for a great career opportunity to live your American dream.
  • Idaho offers several outdoor activities for the residents: There are several outdoor recreational activities you can take part in Idaho. Fishing, rafting, camping, hiking, and hunting is some of the outdoor activities that you can enjoy in the natural beauty of Idaho. Other outdoor attractions include mountain biking, white-water floating, trout fishing, snowboarding, and downhill skiing, cross country skiing, golfing, rockhounding, kiteboarding, gardening and many more. Apart from these, you have the opportunity to explore The Warhawk Air Museum, Military History Museum, Yankee Motor Museum, James Castle House, Mining and Geology Museum, The Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Idaho Black History Museum, Idaho State Historical Museum, Idaho State Capitol Building, Old Idaho State Penitentiary, The Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, MK Idaho Fish And Game Nature Center, Freak Alley Gallery, Train Depot, Hyatt Hidden Lakes Park and Bat Reserve, Camels Back Park, Kathryn Albertson Park, The Green Belt, Discovery Center of Idaho and so forth.
  • Known for great schools and community education: With well-disciplined kids around teachers are spending quality time teaching to bring up a socially responsible new generation. It has great educational institutions especially in the capital of Idaho. It is an emerging industrial and high tech hub that offers great career opportunities.

Above all, relocating to Idaho will be the right decision for those who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and live a stress-free life with healthy savings. But if you are a nature-lover and outdoor person dreaming of owning a house, moving to Idaho will be the perfect decision in your life.

7 Reasons To Love Idaho City For Living

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  1. I have never been to Idaho. I never even met anyone from there. I am happy you shared this because I would have never thought this state a great state to live in. Thank you so much for sharing this

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