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REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE…The 3 R’S Of Going Green – Lotus Trolley Bags Are REUSE…able Shopping Bags, that are the #1 Selling Reusable Shopping Bags on the Market today.

Go Green in 2019 with Lotus Trolley Bag
-VELCRO HANDLES attach to the grocery cart handle, hang your bags there while you shop! -RODS ARE REMOVABLE – Our newest version has fully removable rods making the bags perfect for beach days or being on-the-go. -TAPERED IN SIZE to fit the carts, so make sure to have the purple bag in the BACK and the beige bag in the front. -SMALLER CHAIN STORES do not have conveyor belts at checkout, grab an empty cart at check-out for empty bags, and give the full cart to the cashier for an easy seamless check-out! -SPREAD OUT THE WEIGHT – The bags can hold a lot of weight but its best to spread out heavy items so that each bag does not get too heavy to lift easily. -LIFT THEM FROM THE RODS (instead of the handles) to place in your car – if bags are nice and full this make it easy to lift the weight and transport.

About Lotus Trolley Bags

#1 SellingReusable Shopping Bags on the Market
An innovative concept producing a huge impact! Our bags are the only bags you’ll ever need again. Designed for comfort, practicality and built to last. Our bags are machine washable, high quality and they look great! The Lotus brand Trolley Bags will add convenience and simplicity to your everyday grocery shopping. Try it out!
Go Green in 2019 with Lotus Trolley Bag
Using Lotus Trolley Bags is an easy step in the process of living a greener life.  They make shopping, a breeze and conveniently tuck away when not is use…in kitchen, pantry, or car.

I love the fact that they come in sizes for both conventional grocery shopping carts, and club shopping carts.  No more running around trying to find boxes when shopping at non traditional markets.

And what about all that plastic when it comes to fruits and vegetables?  Lotus Trolley Bag has a solution for those too!

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Go Green in 2019 with Lotus Trolley Bag

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  1. These would be perfect for my grocery shopping trips. They look so convenient and easy to use. Plastic is banned in my city so always looking for good alternatives.

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