Gorgeous No Hassle Pre-Lit ULTIMA™ tree

We  received an ULTIMA™ tree (along with a small stipend for the purchase of tree ornaments) for the purpose of this review.  All the “opinions” stated are 100% my own.

ULTIMA™ tree – The Easiest Tree You’ll Ever Set Up & Take Down!

That’s certainly a bold  statement, but one that this household totally agrees with. This tree is fabulous.

ULTIMA™ tree
“The ULTIMA™ tree has 680 energy-saving LED lights which go from clear to multi-color via nine different selections with just the touch of a button.”

In the past, this chore was a loathsome one. So much so, that I’ve actually paid someone to come drag in the three huge tubs that our old monstrosity was stored in, assemble it (which took a very long time), and to do the horrible job of putting on the lights.  It didn’t seem to matter how carefully they were put away at the end of the season, they would be completely tangled when taken back out of their storage container. (Perhaps, under cover of darkness, do they tangle themselves up, out of sheer boredom?) After the challenge of getting them straightened out, there comes the laborious task of stringing them evenly throughout the tree. When finished, there would ALWAYS be a strand that wasn’t working – even when carefully checked ahead of time.

We received an ULTIMA™ tree this year, and I have to tell you…it was a breeze to put together.  I timed it, and from the moment that my husband opened the box til the last branch was fluffed, only 14 minutes and 37 seconds had elapsed! Folks – it really is as easy as it looks.


The design is pure genius!

Set up the base and plug into outlet. Take each tree section out of it’s Wrap & Strap.™, and place into base and twist until lights come on.  Pull down and fluff branches.  Repeat.

Honest – that’s all there is to it.  Owners get the look of a real tree, without the hassle.

    • Easy to put up.
    • Pre-Lit.
    • No watering, sticky sap or “dropping needles”.

ULTIMA™ tree
“FeatherWeight™ Assembly Your ULTIMA™ tree spreads the weight of a traditional Christmas tree over 10 lightweight, easy to use sections. This makes the sections lighter, less bulky and fun to assemble. Each section weighs less than 9 pounds.”
ULTIMA™ tree
“ULTIMA™ tree has 680 energy-saving LED lights which go from clear to multi-color to nine different patterns with just the touch of a button.”

About ULTIMA™ tree

The Easiest Tree You’ll Ever Set Up & Take Down.  Your ULTIMA™ tree was designed with storage in mind. Wrap & Strap™ protects and gently compresses the branches and extends the life of the storage box. Each section has its own Wrap & Strap.™ The inner trays of the storage box make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Each  Wrap & Strap.™ is numbered and each section is also numbered, so you can’t make a mistake!

ULTIMA™ tree

Even the project foreman, Gung Poe Wigglebutt, (middle picture, top row, below) was impressed.

ULTIMA™ treeMy husband is not the easiest guy to please, but he is THRILLED with our ULTIMA™ tree.  The branches are so life like, with both full and tight needles.

ULTIMA™ tree

ULTIMA™ tree

I keep catching him changing the lights with the super easy to use button. My preference is for all solid clear lights, but he tends to gravitate to the rotating colored options…there are a total of 9 selections. Our next to oldest daughter lives with us right now, while she is going back to college. She just got home from a three week trip to visit family.  When she saw the tree, so got so excited.  Since she moved back home, we’ve had her put and take down our old one.  When she found out how small the storage box was, she got even more excited and decided then and there that the old tree has got to go!

ULTIMA™ tree

QVC just featured ULTIMA™ tree on their site yesterday.

I’m pretty sure that after seeing how easy it is to put up the ULTIMA™ tree, along with just how truly beautiful it is… you are dying to get one for yourself. RIGHT?

Lucky you.  Our readers can get $100 OFF and FREE SHIPPING, by using the code:  MOMSOCIETY

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Gorgeous No Hassle Pre-Lit ULTIMA™ tree

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134 thoughts on “Gorgeous No Hassle Pre-Lit ULTIMA™ tree

  1. I love how easy you make putting this tree up. I take hours, right now, to put up our tree. I would love it if I can talk my husband into buying this tree, with the coupon code, of course. Thanks for the beautiful article.

  2. Wow how easy is that, I love it. No one in our house ever likes to put up the tree, they like to decorate but I was the one that had to wrestle with putting together the old tree, then struggling with the lights what a mess.

  3. I would have never thought that this was a pre-lit artificial tree before reading your post! It’s absolutely gorgeous. We will consider this for our replacement tree when the time comes!

  4. You did such a wonderful job decorating your tree! The easy set up must give you lots of extra time to make it perfect. 😉 Great job!

  5. That is a truly beautiful tree and I would have guessed you spent hours upon hours getting it ready. The ULTIMA Tree looks so easy maybe I’ll ask my adult children for my gift early and for it to be an ULTIMA Tree.

  6. That sure looks convenient. We still get a live tree. The hubby and I love the smell of the real tree but I can sure see why this would be nice to use

  7. i always hated our fake tree growing up, but we are currently without a car and have kids who want christmas!!!! this looks really awesome

  8. I don’t like pre-lit trees because I use various theme and LED lights. I would never buy a thin tree like that either. I like my trees to be big and wide and unique.

  9. Beautiful tree! Ours os just a couple feet tall and sits on a table..but the dogs destroy any others we try.

  10. So amazing! I want one! My daughter would love this. She hates helping me take the tree down after the holidays. One year we put it off for 6 months. We had a friend visit in April and you should have seen her face when she walked in and saw a Christmas tree. LOL

  11. If I ever get a new Christmas tree, I want to get this brand. No Hassle pre-lit. This is amazing. I am tired of having to strand all the lights. This would make it so easy on me to have a tree like this one!

  12. What beautiful Christmas Trees! I love that the trees are easy assembly, and completely ready to go! We are ready for that.

  13. This tree is beautiful. I really want a new prelit tree. I will have to check these out. I love how easy it looks to put together. Thank you so much for sharing

  14. This tree is beautiful. I really want a new prelit tree. I will have to check these out. I love how easy it looks to put together. Thank you so much for sharing Have a great holiday

  15. This is really awesome! i like how easy it is to set up. i like the led lightning as that would use lesse energy than regular!

  16. What a beautiful tree. It looks like it is so easy to put together. I would also need for you to come and decorate it. You have an obvious talent!

  17. What a gorgeous Christmas Tree! It’s the prettiest artificial Tree I’ve seen! I love how easy it is to assemble!

  18. What a gorgeous tree and beautifully decorated too. I am on the hunt for a tree already prelit and in 3 or 4 parts. I’m done with all that hassle.

  19. So nice!! I have a fake tree that comes apart. But, I LOVE the little sleeves that this one has that keep it closed up! I do not enjoy getting poked and prodded by the branches on mine when I’m trying to take it out of the box and put it back.

  20. those are pretty amazing. i have always been ap ursit… real tree, popcorn and a few ornaments… but this is really cool

  21. I put my Christmas tree up yesterday and it was such a pain. This one looks so much easier, and is certainly prettier than mine.

  22. Thank you so much for the coupon code. I have been seriously looking at Ultima Trees for my own home. They are beautiful.

  23. I have never heard of this company before. This tree is beautiful. I love how easy it is to assemble and then take down to store. I will be checking these out. Thank you so much for sharing

  24. Very beautiful tree, easy to set up. I can be honest when I say that I’ve never herd of this company before, great products though.

  25. Wow I could really use this tree! It took me over an hour just to put mine together and figure out how to get all the lights connected!

  26. This is a beautiful tree. Love that it looks so nice and you don’t have to worry about watering it or picking up needles.

  27. The worst part for me is putting up the tree and then having to take it back down. I love this tree it looks so simple.

  28. (Gorgeous No Hassle Pre-Lit ULTIMA™ tree) What a great looking tree to put up in any home for the Christmas holiday. I would love to have one of these.

  29. I really need a tree like this one. It is so easy to put together and with getting older and having to do so much work putting up my tree, I am seriously considering getting one of these trees.

  30. I love this tree and want one so badly! The older I get, the more troublesome it gets putting up and taking down the Christmas tree. This tree is also beautiful! I don’t like a lot of artificial trees because they just look so fake.

  31. This looks like it takes the drag out of putting up the Christmas tree & the work of taking it down! I need one!!!

  32. This tree is beautiful I hate stringing lights. This would take care of that problem. I love that you can have colored lights or white lights. It is so great how easy it is to assemble. Thank you so much for sharing this

  33. What a beautiful tree! We quit putting one up because it was such a hassle. This one is just what we need to bring the holiday spirit back to our home this year.

  34. What a great idea! I fight every year with setting up the tree, trying to put on the lights and then taking it down to put away. My tree has lost a lot of its appeal because it has not been stored correctly. This would be a great alternative for us.

  35. I love your tree, but what I love the most is that it is easy and quick to put together. I live by myself now and I can’t lug around all the heavy stuff by myself this would make things much easier.

  36. I love Christmas and all the stuff that goes with it. Decorating the tree however is a task that i am hesitant about.

  37. I’ve often thought of getting a prelit tree because untangling strings of lights and string the tree is always a hassle. These are gorgeous.

  38. A pre-lit tree is a great idea. This is a very convenient Christmas tree to have and love the low maintenance.

  39. That is one awesome tree. I don’t mind the decorating, it’s setting up the tree and the lights I find a bit frustrating, this would be perfect for me, it’s the first I’ve heard of a tree like this.

  40. This is the perfect tree for people like me! My tree always turns out to be what I call a Charlie Brown tree LoL. Some people have a talent for decorating Christmas trees…… Im just not one of them hahaha.

  41. I would love to have one of the Ultima no hassle trees. Maybe next year so that I can get more enjoyment out of it.

  42. Great tree! We bought a new artificial tree this year, it’s prelit as well. But ours has three sections plus the stand so we don’t have so many pieces. I’m so happy with it.

  43. I love this tree also and if you want to send me your leftovers after the 25th, I’ll be happy to put it up and post pics everywhere!

  44. The pre-lit tree is such a great addition to anybody’s holiday decor. I appreciated the review and photos a lot, and thank you so much for sharing them.

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