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Blaze Through the Holidays with Board Blazers

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I honestly don’t know a whole lot about skateboarding, but I knew a lot of skaters growing up. Now it’s the mom in me that feels a twinge of worry when I see skaters still going at it at twilight and into the late evening. Now you can stay safe and stay in style with Board Blazers! Don’t skate but know someone that does? This would be the perfect stocking stuffer!

Board Blazers come as a set (so four per package) and have eight vibrant colors (all given alliterative names) available to choose from. Currently the site offers a discount for multiple sets purchased at once: two sets ($35), three sets ($44.99), and 24 sets with the value pack ($197.95). It’s good to keep in mind that this product is generally used for cruising and not so much trick boards but can be with careful placement. The batteries should last up to 25 to 30 hours in total, but the adhesive will not stick again once removed. The LED lights are also not interchangeable, so it is suggested on the site to purchase multiple sets and apply them underneath the skateboard and only turn on the lights you wish to use. No worries about ruining your board trying to remove or replace your nifty little board blazers, the adhesive comes off with some gentle prying.


About Board Blazers

Christmas lights, duct tape, and a bright idea…
It all began on the ASU campus one night in 2011, when Greg Rudolph spotted a skater who had duct-taped bulky Christmas lights to his skateboard. Inspired, he risked his personal savings to create the original fully-customizable LED underglow board lights, and the bright idea quickly took off!

Now if you need those stockings stuffed BY Christmas, these dates are recommended for purchase no later than 11:59pm :
• Standard International: December 7th
• Standard (U.S.): December 18th
• Expedited: December 19th
• Priority: December 21st

So put your worries to rest and skate snazzy and safe this (and next!) year with Blade Blazers LEDs!

Learn more and connect with Blade Blazers: Shop | Blog

2 thoughts on “Blaze Through the Holidays with Board Blazers

  • Skating is a bit dangerous, I agree…but whenever I see young boys and girls skating I’m relieved that there’re still teenagers that love outdoor sports.
    These lights to put under the skate are AMAZING!! They’ll surely prevent lots of accidents!


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