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2022 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – FOR PETS AND PET LOVERS

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Those of us who LOVE our pets are a very special breed – pun intended!

Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide – FOR PETS AND PET LOVERS

Pets wearing Santa hats

Cat Amazing: Mega

Cat Amazing


“We’re all about cat enrichment! Awesome products & education for cat parents 😼

Introducing Cat Amazing MEGA – the mega-tough, treat-powered, super-challenge for your indoor hunter! This irresistible puzzle box that caught the eye of Lori Greiner on ABC’s Shark Tank, is the perfect gift for every cat and cat lover on your list.

Cat Amazing Highlights:
-Three levels and twenty seven sections of treat-hunting mayhem
-Boredom busting treat puzzles bring the thrill of the hunt to indoor cats
-Stimulates their instinct to scratch, sniff and retrieve
-Slows down eating for healthy digestion and weight control
-Crafted with reinforced, 100% recyclable cardboard
-100% plant-based and biodegradable materials
-Veterinarian-recommended for mental stimulation, activity through play, and healthy eating habits
-BioPreferred certification from the USDA certifying that our products are made from 100% biobased materials – the first and only puzzle feeders with distinction!
-Download their Ultimate Guide to Indoor Cat Enrichment for FREE!”

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Pets wearing Santa hats

Bark Brite

Bark Brite


Now you can take your pup on even more adventures with everything you need for the great outdoors! Bark Brite is an innovative dog accessories brand, with its best-selling lightweight neoprene paw protector booties enhancing time spent with our pups. The booties are a must-have for your pet if you live in a hot climate. They’re dog-tested and dog approved. What a perfect gift for the dog owner on your holiday list! Bark Bite booties let owners take their best friend with them on their adventures, making the experience enjoyable for both pet parents and dogs. The brand was founded in 2014 with its light-up dog collars and has since grown, with the dog booties being the star of the show and filling a void in the marketplace.”

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Pets wearing Santa hats

TableTopics – Purfect Pet Conversations



TableTopics Questions to Start Great Conversations are the award-winning conversation starter sets that help millions of people spark fun and meaningful discussions with their family and friends around the dinner table, at parties, on road trips – wherever!

Talk about your pets for hours. Prrrfect for the whole family!

This edition gives folks the opportunity to share their passion for their favorite furry—or not so furry—family member. These fun, thoughtful questions provide hours of entertainment for anyone who loves pets and the crazy things they do.

Ages 6 and up
40 Question Cards
3″ x 3″ x 1″ clear plastic slipcase”

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Pets wearing Santa hats

bearbark Pet Scratcher & Grooming Toy

bearbark Pet Scratcher by bearback


From the creators of the ultimate human back scratcher comes a tool just for pets: the bearbark Pet Scratcher & Grooming Toy!

Not only will your furry friend love being scratched, but the bearbark also minimizes shedding and removes particles stuck in their fur. Thanks to the long extendable handle, you can comfortably sit or stand while still giving your pup a little love.

Bearbark Highlights:
– Fun way to play with your pet!
– Extendable handle gives you the ability to scratch standing or sitting
– Handle extends from 21” to 30”
– 3” long flexible teeth help minimize tangles and minimizes shedding
– Removes dirt and other particles stuck in their fur
– 5” wide scratching head can reach all their favorite spots

bearback, the home of bearbark, also has human self-care tools! Check out the original bearback and its handy attachments for moisturizing, exfoliating, massaging, and, of course, scratching!

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Pets wearing Santa hats

Pup Oils by Ink Oil

Pup Oils by Ink Oil


“Ink Oil, LLC, was created by a very cool, tattooed mom and her daughter. Here is their story: The day I turned 18 I got my first tattoo. I quickly recognized that getting a tattoo, or even removing a tattoo, can be seriously uncomfortable. My mom was using essential oils in many aspects of our lives. I recognized the therapeutic effects of pure essential oils in a unique blend could provide a product that can reduce discomfort, speed healing, and keep skin healthy and vibrant while getting tattooed. With the help of my pharmacist brother, cool tattooed essential-oil using mom, and the sacrifice of most of my body for tattoo oil testing, we got Ink Oil up and running successfully. We then decided to expand our line of essential oil blends and our family to cover not only new tattoos, but beards, baby bumps and our favorite addition, pups!

With each blend we make sure to test every oil until we have the perfect balance of essential oils. Not only do we have amazing skin from testing out these oils, but we also have an amazing time doing it together. We will keep showing off our tattoos, pups, and the men in our lives with beards. We hope to see yours too! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will send you exclusive offers!”

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  • Oh my! These are all really wonderful gift ideas! Can’t wait to see my sisters reaction when she see what is my gift for her.

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  • Awesome ideas. I do have 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs that I like to get gifts for.

  • I love buying things for my pets. I need to get them some mentally stimulating toys like the first one you mentioned.

  • Those dog booties from Bark Brite are so cute and very needed for dog owners!

  • Those Bark Brite paw protector booties are so awesome. I hope my dog will love them. They are really useful!

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  • Those are some amazing selections of gifts and will recommend those to my friend. She has 8 dogs and a cat, she would love this list.


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