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Keebos iPhone Necklace Cases- A Great Way to Hang on to Your Phone

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received several Keebos iPhone Necklaces Cases for the purpose of this posting. No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All OPINIONS stated are those of the author.


When you’re out and about, doing summer activities, you often want to be hands free.  But, you still want to have access to your phone, and at lease some cash or a credit card or two, right?  Keebos makes that possible with their iPhone Necklace Cases.  They have an adjustable strap, a pocket for those credit cards, and they look great. Where them as a crossbody or a necklace. Stylish, functional and made to last!

About Keebos iPhone Necklace Cases

Hands-free and stay stress-free

Whether you’re going to the gym, a café, walking your puppy or riding electric scooters you always want to keep your phone close & safe and your hands free.

The goal of Keebos iPhone necklaces is to help you stay hands-free and therefore stress-free by being able to keep your phone close and safe without having to bring a bag or trying to squeeze it into a pocket that’s just not meant for a smartphone.

In 4 different colors to choose from along with your iPhone model.  Keebos offers Phone Necklace Cases for iPhone 6, Phone 6s,  iPhone 6 Plus,  iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus,  iPhone X,  iPhone X Max, and iPhone Xr.

Easy to pop on your phone, and they are really light-weight, so they don’t make your phone heavier.  The rolled cording is comfortable across your neck, and the attached pocket will hole an ID, some cash or credit cards, and I was able to slide a key in too…everything that I would need for an afternoon of shopping, or a day of sightseeing!

Keebos - A Great Way to Hang on to Your Phone

A quick trip to the grocery store, walking the dog, or heading to the ballpark for your kid’s game…no need to carry a purse along.  Just grab your phone, place it into one of your Keebos Necklace Phones cases, along with your drivers license, debit card or cash, and off you go.Works great for guys or gals.

Head on over to Keebos today, and pick your favorite color, and order to fit your iPhone model. Spend your summer with your phone, cash and credit cards “hands free”!

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