Do you have a female friend or family member that seems to have everything? That person that when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, you feel completely confused by? The woman that’s got everything she needs and buys herself everything she wants? We all know someone that seems to be impossible to buy for. Well, here are some fantastic ideas to help you.

An Experience Day

Great Gifts For the Girl That's Got It All

An experience day is a great idea for someone that’s got everything. If she’s an adrenaline junkie, go for an extreme sports lesson or a helicopter ride. If she prefers speed, a lap around a race course in a fast car could be a great option. Or, if she’s someone that prefers to take life a little slower, cooking classes or art lessons could be the answer. Try to go with her to make it more fun.

A Spa Package

Great Gifts For the Girl That's Got It All

The busy career girl hasn’t got time to relax. A spa day is one of those things she hasn’t got the time for, but would love. Buying her a spa voucher gives her the perfect excuse to take some time out and relax.


Great Gifts For the Girl That's Got It All

How about tickets to see her favorite band or sports team? Just make sure you arrange for her to have time off and get a babysitter if it’s needed. This is a great gift because it’s more than just a ticket, it’s creating a memory she will cherish forever. Other options include tickets to a conference she’d enjoy, a food festival, a holiday, or entry to take part in an event.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? Fine chocolates are incredibly popular now and come in a massive range of different flavors. For an even more thoughtful gift, you could put together a hamper of treats or try to make some homemade goodies. She’ll be impressed that you’ve taken the time to do this for her.

When it comes to food, another option is buying her a subscription box to something she enjoys. It could be fine dining, chocolates, cheeses or even wine. A subscription is a modern gift that keeps on giving.


Jewelry is another gift that everyone loves and can never have too much of. Think about her style and taste to find something she will enjoy. Or, make her a friendship band or set of beads for something a bit quirky and unique. There are some fantastic crafty gift ideas online to inspire you.


Buying someone clothes can be tricky. Especially if you don’t know them that well. If you feel you know her style and size, go ahead, but make sure you keep the receipt just in case.
If you feel a little more unsure, why not go for accessories such as a bag or purse from The Batik Boutique. All of which are trendy and original.

Shopping for someone that’s got it all doesn’t need to be tough. You just have to find something that she hasn’t thought of yet or something that you know she will never have enough of. Then, you can’t go wrong.


Great Gifts For the Girl That’s Got It All

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