We left home on Thursday morning, around 2:30 to drive to the airport.  Luckily we had a direct flight, so we had most of the day, to spend with family. On Friday I got to go to IKEA for the very first time.  I was ecstatic. Steve…not so much, but he put on a brave face, and tried to look slightly interested.  I found some great buys and can’t wait to show you what I got.

Saturday was our 40th wedding anniversary, so Happy Anniversary to Me!

Bags are packed
we’re ready to go!

We had a splendid day. We were  in Colorado, surrounded by 3 of our daughters, 3 sons-in-law, 4 grandsons, 3 granddaughters, and friends.

We attended the baptism of one of our grandsons,  a birthday party for 2 of the grand kids, had a marvelous lunch, shopped at the outlet mall, and then enjoyed a quiet evening in our hotel room.

The weather was glorious.  Not too hot – not too cold.  Low humidity, sunshine and gentle breezes. I was in Nonnie Heaven.

Yesterday we had breakfast at our hotel, with several of the kids and grand kids, then we were off to church.  Later in the day we drove to my daughter’s mother-in-law’s home so that the little ones could romp with the dogs and the horses.  It was a fantastic lazy afternoon, and everyone had a great time. We got back “home” with some very tired children.

We are off to Utah later in the week. We will get to see another daughter, a daughter-in-law and 5 more grandchildren.  I honestly don’t know how this trip could possibly get any better, other than having more of my family and dear friends to share this time with us.

I’ll try to take some great photo’s over the next couple of weeks, so you can enjoy my vacation with me.  For now, I’ll leave you with a few pics of some of the people that I love dearly!

Steve Ammon and Grace

Farm Collage

Baptism Collage

Happy Anniversary to Me!

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