Harmful Interactions: The Reason Why Alcohol and Drugs Don’t Mix Well

A mixture of drugs and alcohol leads to some heavy life decisions. Instead of being points of comfort, alcohol becomes a dependency. And when substance abuse becomes your safe place, everything else in your life loses priority.

Social Pressure

Social pressure builds up to form a huge chunk of harmful interactions. When an individual needs a return to normalcy, they check into a drug and alcohol rehab center. The best way to resolve issues with harmful interactions is to remove yourself from the cause. Getting away from social pressure means pushing yourself into a new environment that’s outside of your comfort zone. The discomfort is expected, but the important part is understanding why it makes you uncomfortable. Getting away from drugs and alcohol is a different experience for every individual that seeks an answer.


There are millions of people that love the taste of alcohol. They go out to bars, go to parties and even relax at home with a cold one in their hands. There are also millions of people that love wine. They have wine parties, wine tastings and even build their own wine cellars. None of these people are alcoholics.

Although alcohol addiction is sometimes defined by the amount consumed per day, an actual alcoholic is one that neglects. They neglect their health, family, job and finances just to get a drink. Alcohol in large quantities can become problematic when the high is the only joy the drinker wants.

Substance Abuse

An alcoholic that chases a high is more likely to fall victim to substance abuse. Illegal substances can be found in many forms. The most common are cocaine, heroin, LSD, and PCP. Also on the list are legal substances that can be attained by illegal means. Opioids are the biggest name on that list for this purpose, and are often sold on the black market.

Substance abuse of illegal drugs starts in the infant stages with the use of normal drugs. Prescription medicine, alcohol and nicotine provides a mild high. When the user needs something stronger, the use of illegal substances becomes the next choice. This is the main reason why some substances are considered gateway drugs.

The Mix

Mixing drugs has bad consequences on your physical health. Overdoses are likely, and come with an unfortunate tandem of side effects. Drugs can also be laced with other drugs like fentanyl to create a better high, but a dangerous mix. When dealing with illegal substances, the source can make no guarantee about the ingredients.

If you have a reaction to a mixture of drugs, doctors have to work twice as hard to deal with the violent side effects. There is also a chance that you won’t be conscious enough to give them important details about the substance. Individuals gamble with their life every time they choose to wing it with a mixture of drugs.

You’re in Control

The sober lifestyle is attainable with hard work and the right attitude. Even if you fail the first few times, the goal of getting clean is always within reach. Recovery is the prize, and everyone is capable of getting their hands on it.


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