Helping The Quasi-Luddite In Your Family Appreciate Tech

Everyone has someone in their family who isn’t really that up-to-date with tech. That’s totally normal, and of course, they’re not a worse person for failing to know the latest iPhone model or how to set up a voice assistant.

But it is true that the modern world is becoming increasingly digital, for better and worse. Some banks now only have one teller and a range of digital pay kiosks you can deposit in and manage your account with, a somewhat embodied form of online banking.

As such, someone who refuses all technology is undoubtedly going to be left behind to some degree and is missing out on a great deal of convenience. But it’s important to recognize that those who may not have willingly integrated or learned about tech rarely do so because they dislike it. They may feel insecure around it, unsure of what to buy, or need to have its operation carefully explained to them to be comfortable with it’s use.

While many kids today are lucky enough to grow up around tech and can often operate tablets or television remotes by the age of five or six, some people didn’t have that kind of upbringing, or they may never have had to use it. Of course, some might not see the point in it, such as caring about social media likes or having takeout food delivered to their door when they could call and pick it up for cheaper – and it’s hard to argue with that.

But let’s say you wish to help the quasi-luddite in your family appreciate tech. How might we do it? Let’s consider that below…

Helping The Quasi-Luddite In Your Family Appreciate Tech

Integrate Lifestyle Tech

It can be good to show them tech that provides more than just a screen for them to waste time on but serve as tools that help them curate a better, more convenient, more enjoyable life for themselves. For example, the smartwatch lab has listed a range of excellent smart watches for health and fitness benefits, which are able to read heart rate, showcase sleeping patterns and present all of this information in a reliable report. You’d be amazed at how convenient a tool like this can be, particularly for a health-conscious person in their fifties and beyond.

Social Media, But Within The Family

A smartphone with video conferencing capabilities, like Zoom, or proprietary programs like FaceTime can make a big difference in the life of your relative. They might dislike social media, but will no doubt light up when they realize they can enjoy a video conversation with their grandchildren when they’re overseas. Group chats, connective profiles, and sharing user accounts like all of the eBooks on both of your Amazon Kindles can be a nice touch. With a shared approach like this, you’re sure to benefit.

Family Documentation

It’s nice to show how documenting and recording video or photographs of your family can help bring people together, and so by purchasing your relative a simple point-and-shoot video recorder or a simple smart camera, they can document holidays, make edited collages and videos, and add text or music to their little creations. At least this can provide some life to sitting through thousands of holiday photos once they return, but of course, that kind of enthusiasm they’ll have is infectious anyway.

With this advice, you’re sure to help the quasi-luddite in your family appreciate tech in the best possible way.

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