How deep do you have to dig a well for it to fill with water?

Having your own well on your property can seem like a great idea. Not only will you know where your water is coming from, but you’ll also no longer need to pay the local water board or even worry about how safe the water actually is to drink.

However, digging your own well isn’t without costs. Alongside the cost of digging the well, you’ll need to purchase a pump to bring the water to the surface. You’ll also need to consider what you intend to use the water for. If it’s for consumption then you’ll need to test it regularly and you may need to run it through your own filtration/treatment plant.

How deep do you have to dig a well for it to fill with water?

The Depth Of your Well

If you ask a professional to dig a well in your yard they are likely to tell you it needs to be 200 feet, perhaps even a little more.

However, you need to remember that professionals tend to get paid per foot. It’s in their interests to dig deeper. The truth is that your well may need to be that deep, but it could also be a lot shallower.

The trick is to establish where the water table is in your area. Water tables tell you how far beneath the surface of the earth you’ll need to dig before you find water. It’s important to look at the summer water table where the water is usually deeper in the ground.

Once you’ve established how far down the water is, you’ll want to dig a little deeper. This is because people use, on average, 80-100 gallons of water a day. To ensure your well can cope with this demand, you need to go below the water table.

The exact depth will depend on where you live. But, remember that for many years wells were only dug by hand.

Cost Factors

Today, the simplest option is to drill a borehole to the required depth. If you do it this way the hole can be lined as it’s drilled, ensuring the sides don’t cave in. Should you decide to do it yourself you’ll need to look at some rock augers. There is certain to be rock under your soil before you hit the water.

You can rent rock augers or purchase them and add them to a pneumatic drill. The work is largely done for you although it can still take several days or even weeks.

It should be noted that the compressor which powers the drill is expensive. You can lease one, purchase it second-hand, or simply sell it as soon as you’ve finished with it. This will help to keep the project affordable.

You’ll need to decide the depth you’re aiming for before you start digging. It will make it easier to purchase the pipe that holds the bore open and the amount of cable or piping your pump will need.

It’s quite possible to dig the well yourself, you simply need to calculate what depth you’re aiming for first.

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