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Ultimate Guide To Making A Kids Playground At Home

Taking your kids to the local playpark allows them to burn off their excess energy, have some fun, and perhaps even make friends. But, unless the playpark is opposite your house, it does mean you have to find the time to take them.

However, if you create your own kid’s playground at home you won’t have this issue. Your children can play at any time and, providing you’ve built it properly, they’ll be safe.

Choose The Location

It’s best for a kid’s playground to be on level ground. This can help you to decide in which area of the garden you want to build it. Alongside this, you’ll want to think about the size of the playground. The size will be dictated by the space you have available and the amount of equipment you would like to include. Remember, you need space around all the equipment in case your children fall.

The location may also be dictated by how easily you can keep an eye on the kids while they are playing and you are busy doing something else.

Create The Floor

Once you have decided where to position the playground you’ll want to mark the area out with string. You can then remove the turf and make sure the area is as level as possible. You’ll want to add the right playground soft floor, rubber is one of the best options. It absorbs most of the impact, making it less likely that your child will injure themselves.

There are other options, such as sand, gravel, wood chips, or even artificial grass. But, rubber is generally the best.

Add Posts

You’ll now want to create your detailed drawings of what is going in the playground. This will ensure you have the sizes right and can put your stakes in the ground.

Make sure you draw the items inside your playground first. It’s easy to do this with string. You can then ensure the spacing is correct and add the fastening points. That means sinking posts into the ground for wooden climbing structures and using other fastening options for swings and slides, etc.

Take your time to ensure all the posts are positioned correctly and are straight. Use a spirit level.

Add The Equipment

With the fastening mechanisms in position, you’ll be ready to add the actual equipment. This can mean securing pre-made equipment to your fastening posts. Or, it can mean making the rest of your playground construction, such as elevated wooden cabins with bridges, slides, and perhaps even a pole.

Again, take your time to ensure everything is secured properly and aligned correctly.

Test it

If the equipment is built to take your weight then you can test it. This will help to ensure it can handle several children climbing across it. Once you’re happy that it is sturdy and safe, you can open the playground for your children.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this  ultimate guide To making a kids playground at home. 

With a little luck, you’ve just made your life a lot easier!

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