When you have a pet at home, they become more than just a pet that you own, essentially they become an extended member of your family. Though you generally care for them, the reality is that they can have such positive aspects on your life as well, that perhaps you were not even aware of.  If you ever heard of it, many alcohol rehab treatment centers are incorporating pet therapy for those people who are struggling with substance abuse. Here are just some of the reasons why having pets are beneficial to us. 

How Pets Can Have Such a Positive Impact On You

Be More Active

The first positive attribute would certainly be that you would be more physically active, particularly if you own a dog. You need to take them out for daily walks and have play time, which will certainly get you running round playing fetch. This would enable you to get out of the house to get some exercise and fresh air, which is certainly needed if you are spending the rest of your time at home at the moment due to the pandemic. 

How Pets Can Have Such a Positive Impact On You Dog outside in grass near lake.

Reduce Stress Levels

Owning a pet can have a positive impact on the level of stress that you feel. In a survey conducted in 2018, almost 80% of US adults aged between 50 and 80, reported that they felt significantly less stressed when owning a pet. Which is certainly a high proportion of people. 

How Pets Can Have Such a Positive Impact On You White and gray cat on back getting petted.

Improve Mood

Even a simple motion such as stroking your pet can release endorphins in your brain that monitor our mood levels, which are important in regulating how happy we feel. A Swedish survey revealed that by stroking your pet, even for a short time, can increase the level of oxytocin by 6.6%, lifting your mood by feeling content, relaxed and loved. These are all essential feelings that we experience as humans and ultimately need. 

Makes You More Sociable

You are likely to become more sociable when owning a pet. This may be helped by the notion that when you are out in the park and another person sees your dog, they are likely to strike up a conversation with you by asking about your pet. This can then lead to further conversions and striking up a friendship. This is certainly important if you live alone with your pet and do not have much human interaction on a daily basis. A key factor that the pandemic has exacerbated. 

Not Just a Pet for Life But Family Member

Though it is not something you would want to think about before the occasion arises, arranging a cremation urns for pets would be a touching tribute to honor your devoted furry friend. They are wonderful, devoting and caring animals that can be reliable and non- judgmental. It would be a small gesture on their behalf to be able to commemorate them permanently. At least you would be able to preserve their memory in a more physical form as well as thinking of all the cherished moments you shared together. After all, they are certainly loyal to their owners.

How Pets Can Have Such a Positive Impact On You

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