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How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Home

Without even having to say it, one of the most important aspects of any household is the floor you walk on every day of your life. This can make or break a home, not just in terms of comfort levels but also in terms of aesthetic appeal and practicality. Because floors come in an array of different kinds, people think it will be an easy choice for when you’re building a new home or upgrading an old one for resale perhaps. But this is not always the case.

The general rule of thumb is to choose the flooring to match the room, and we don’t necessarily mean the colors and the décor, but other aspects such as if there will be heavy traffic in the space or food will be spilled on it, for example.

Wood is a very popular material to use, however, a living room floor, made of luxury vinyl wood, will not automatically fit a kitchen, and a lovely tiled bathroom may not fit the kitchen, to expand your knowledge on this, click here. For the most part, any homeowner has free reign to choose the types of inclusions in their home, however, there is a method to this madness, and we are to tell you some more about this.

Living areas with Wood Flooring - the Best Flooring for your home

Let us help you choose the best place for your home so that you make the most of it and create a blissful haven for you and your family, in a beautiful yet practical manner. So, which flooring is meant for which room in your house?

We will shine a light upon this question of hot two choose the best flooring for your home.

Flooring That Is Destined for Any Space

How do you use the kitchen? And how do you use the bedroom and the living room? These are possibly the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing the right groundwork for those spaces. We start with one section of the house, the open-plan space in the living room area.

The Kitchen Area. Say your kitchen is separate from the rest of the house. You could opt for something a bit more “au-natural” like a natural stone flooring which is also more elegant looking https://www.thespruce.com/guide-to-natural-stone-tile-flooring-1315061 and which has indeed become a very popular choice for houses in the 21st century, not only does it look sheik, it also feels and is one of the most practical ones around. It gives any room a rustic type of feel and is easy to clean too.

Beautiful and spacious eat in kitchen with tile flooring - the Best Flooring for your home

The kitchen usually has some of the most traffic in the house, these floors can handle that. Period. Who wants tiles in a space where the grout will gather dirt and look dirty and ugly?

The Living Room Area. Any open plan area can benefit from two different types. For instance, if you have a living room that extends into the kitchen or dining areas, you can define them visually by placing stain-resistant flooring, this includes those that are easy to clean and mop up spills and also those that are moisture-resistant. One that will not chip, mark, or stain easily would be your best bet in this setting.

Neutral living room with wood look floors - the Best Flooring for your home

Say we choose to go for wooden flooring, something like a luxury vinyl flooring made of planks is easy to clean and not to mention water-resistant, would fit right in. Typically, this 100% waterproof material would be the ideal option for covering the kitchen even some companies treat these so they stay immaculate for years to come. The size of the floorboards and the thickness should also be carefully considered.  Make sure you sweep the floor on a regular basis, even if it seems obvious. floors are scratch-resistant, but if dirt, hair, or other particles accumulate over time, the likelihood of your floor being damaged rises. Be cautious about what brush you use. Make sure you sweep the floor on a regular basis, even if it seems obvious. floors are scratch-resistant, but if dirt, hair, or other particles accumulate over time, the likelihood of your floor being damaged rises. Be cautious about what brush you use. See https://dublinfloorsanddoors.ie/wood-flooring-dublin/laminate-floorin

The Bathroom Areas. Oh, how we love to spend time in our bathrooms. Just as well we should, and with it, we should enjoy walking around in it too. This is, however, a demanding floor, because it needs to be moisture-resistant, and withstand any extreme temperatures. Besides this is should also be slip-resistant (no falling in there), and also stain-resistant for the most part.

Tiled bathroom with large soaker tub -

Some choose to have underfloor heating in their bathrooms, while others choose to opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles, although there are tons of other options that could easily work in this space too. Porcelain is more expensive than ceramic because it is created from a denser clay material, plus their colors and patterns tend to seep deep into the tiles, whereas the ceramic kind is only decorated on the surface layer which means those beautiful lace prints won’t last very long. Expert concrete flooring contractors can assist you with this.

Okay, now that you have a bit of a choice on what to go for, the only other piece of advice we can give you is – Choose Wisely!





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  • I think its so important to think about the decision your gonna make on picking out the floor, I remember going in and being like I want this one and I fell in love with it till about a week after it was put in, and all I kept thinking is,I want a new floor.

  • These are all wonderful tips and things to consider. Thanks for sharing.


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