How to Create a Country Kitchen

If you’re in love with that country look and would like to revamp your kitchen to be more in line with the overall rural ambience, you have come to the right place. Other than furniture pieces from Stephanie Cohen, the Internet can provide much-needed design inspiration and when Google Images finds the dream kitchen in your view, that can be the basis for the end result.

How to Create a Country Kitchen

Oak Ceiling Beams

Unless you are fortunate enough to have thick timber beams, you can order cladding that looks identical to the real thing and with a few coats of stain, your oak beams will be a major feature of the room. Thicknesses vary and they are usually in 2m lengths and fix to the ceiling easily, with a range of woodgrain finishes.


When thinking country, one automatically imagines Victorian or Edwardian times, so keep your fixtures and fittings in line, with a pair of antique wall lights and old-style taps. Brass and copper always have a place in an English country kitchen and if your budget stretches that far, an Aga cooker is most definitely recommended. In the 19th century, the hearth in the kitchen radiated warmth to the entire family and when you have an Aga cooker in your kitchen, it will always be warm and inviting.

Flooring Options

For the country kitchen, check out the amazing kitchen floor tiles from Amber Tiles, a leading Australian supplier of tiles, cladding and other building materials, all at trade prices. Floral designs and patterns in many shades give you a wide range of choices and remember to add a few extra when ordering, for future repairs.

Pine Shelving & Furniture

Of course, Swedish Pine is the timber of choice for the country kitchen, which really does complete the rural look, while custom kitchen cabinet doors in oak makes for a nice contrast. Google Images will help you find some stunning examples of country-style kitchens with the emphasis on pine. Click here for home revamp ideas for 2021.

Engineered Stone

If you were planning on ordering fine Italian marble benchtops, take a look at the amazing finishes available with engineered stone. Made with crushed stone and resin, the finishes are identical to natural marble or granite, yet a fraction of the price and a Google search will put you in touch with a company that specializes in engineered stone. They have several categories, the best being the premium range and it’s worth paying the extra for a stunning design in your chosen shade and with large slabs, you can get all surfaces and splash backs from a single piece.

Dried Flowers

Rattan vases that hold dried grass is the icing on the cake and with a few indoor plants carefully placed, the rural kitchen look is complete. Of course, you should have a fresh bowl of flowers on the dining table, which will add a fresh and natural aroma around the room.

There’s a lot to consider when creating a country kitchen and we hope that the above suggestions will go some way towards achieving your goal of a dream kitchen.


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