Yoga: Why it Ticks All the Boxes

Whether you are a bored housewife or a dynamic entrepreneur, the eastern practice of yoga offers us all many benefits, as the discipline manages somehow to encompass physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The roots of yoga are embedded in Hinduism and Buddhism, with evidence that goes back to 3000 BCE, and it is thought that the art evolved over the centuries into the various forms of yoga we know today.

Introduction to the West

In the 1960s, yoga gurus made their way to Europe and the US, plus superstars like the Beatles were fascinated with this mystical art from the East. Many people practice a form of yoga today, and with stunning yoga pants from Decathlon, the leading Thai supplier or sports equipment and apparel. Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, yoga became embedded in many western cultures, as people realized the enormous benefits of practicing this unique art and during the lockdown, the yoga studios offer virtual yoga classes, which are very popular.


This is supposed to go hand in hand with all forms of yoga and being with oneself has a very calming effect on a person. If you were to ask a yoga guru about meditation, they would probably confirm that the answer to spiritual development lies within and with a little help, you can learn how to sit quietly with yourself and allow your mind to relax. Of course, there are many different ways you can meditate; focusing on your breathing is said to be effective, or you could listen to the ticking of a wall-clock. Rather than trying to clear your mind and think of nothing, you train your mind to concentrate on a single thing and don’t try too hard, meditation should occur naturally, as your conscious raises its level.

Muscle Strengthening

Yoga consists of specific poses that must be held for some time, and when doing this, you can feel the target muscle burn, and by varying the pose, you can target specific muscle groups. Cyclists like to use yoga poses to strengthen their thigh and calf muscles, plus yoga is a great way to warm up or down. Click here for tips on having a birthday party during the pandemic.

Home Yoga

As we are in the middle of a pandemic, you can order a yoga mat and the clothing from the online supplier and with YouTube videos, you can start to practice. The other alternative is to enroll in a virtual yoga class; your local yoga studio would offer this, but, in all honesty, the studio can be anywhere, as you are using the Internet to communicate. Clear a space in your living room and roll out your yoga mat and get ready for your first online class, while your instructor watches to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly. Most people prefer to practice under the supervision of a yoga teacher and this can be done via a Zoom call, which is also cheaper than attending at the studio and much more convenient.

If the stress of the pandemic is getting you down, why not try yoga? Most people stay with the program, as they receive many benefits and you can start to develop spiritually.

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