Advantages of Having a Lanai Enclosure Screened Lanai with Pool

The Advantages of Having a Lanai Enclosure On Your Florida Home

The term Lanai means screen enclosure for an extended outdoor space, the word comes from Hawaii (also Verandah). There are screen companies that specialize in lanai enclosures as it is an ideal choice in the extension of the interior and exterior of your house to the natural environment, though it is very safe from the outside and has beautiful features.

Here are some of the key advantages of the Lanai enclosure for your home.

An Extension To Your Home

The installation of a lanai can make your home larger thanks to the extra living space created. It can be more space for outdoor cuisine, dining area or relaxation area and next to your pool while enjoying the outdoor scenery and climate offered by mother nature.

Protection For Your Property

Adding an enclosure barrier will not only be a thing of beauty, but also protects your valuable home property from unauthorized individuals and from the strong elements such as rain, dust, high temperature and winds.

Summers in Florida are normally long, hot and humid with some dust flow in the air and peak season accompanied with rainfalls and insects through the region with strong winds. Having a lanai will give you a piece of mind on your outdoor furniture or pool because they are protected from elements hence nothing is damaged.

Improves The Value Of The Property

Whether you are looking to sell or simply increase your estimated value of your property. The extension of the lanai greatly increases the value of your home and not just that it improves its beauty. In Florida, a screen enclosure extension is important since it elevates the house value, from which we distinguish it from the rest when it comes to a resale in the real estate market

Home buys are usually in search of an escape from the powerful elements and this may increase your chances as it adds more advantages. You will be in a better position to sell your home quickly and easily with the installation of a screened lanai enclosure.

Enhance Privacy And Security

Getting your patio, closed or lanai enclosure will give you a sense of calmness as you know you are safe. You can enjoy the natural surrounding day and night on deck regardless of your neighbors or other creeping animals and flying incest’s.

Your lanai offers you an exceptional moment to enjoy the outdoor environment from the comfort of your own terrace in your lanai. It is also ideal because you have the power to control how you want in your enclosed lanai, you also have the option of covering the unwanted exposed area for a complete privacy.

Keeps Insects And Birds At Bay

Having a relaxed outdoor sun exposure or relaxing night can be a horrible moment if you are constantly attacked or disrupted by insects and animals. Adding a lanai enclosure will protect you by keeping away the unwanted insects and birds, which can spoil your moment.

Florida has insects that can be quite a nuisance and others like mosquitoes carrying lethal viruses that can cause diseases like the West Nile if bitten by the insect, also, wasps and other stinging insects may pose a threat to those how are allergic to insect bites. Having lanai will not only be something of convenience and beauty, but also will not cut short your time apart from the constant worry about the safety of your loved ones and yourself.

Can be Customizable

We can customize the lanai enclosure to reduce sunlight to up to 90 percent of the tropical sun heat and to the customer specifications and preference. We build the Lanai case according to customer needs and specifications

  • Ventilation where client needs more space for air
  • Insect and other bug protection
  • Super tough screen for high traffic area with a lot of activity
  • Scratch free screen for clients with pets, with tear and puncture resistance this can keep the pets from harm all in a comfortable screened in porch experience inherent from the hazards of being outside.
  • Sunscreen that protects about 80-90% of sun heat and bright glare

Will Cut Down Your Expenses

An enclosed lanai installation around your pool will not only save you money from constant pool maintenance but also cut down the cost of occasional pool heating as a Tampa screen repair company is an expert in design and customization of the swimming pool enclosure with the desired shape and the right materials for every situation.

This will also help preserve your pool water by preventing evaporation due to the tropical sun, which leads to additional water bills constantly adding water to the right level. It will also lower the cost for chemical treatment as the environment is controlled. Give us a call to get a custom installation guide.

Enhance The Visual Appeal

With a lanai enclosure, you get the best of both worlds from the inside and outside of the attractive nature, this helps you relax and turns your home into a sanctuary and an instant appeal for guests and others.

It provides a good place to relax for fun activities for you guests and loved ones with surrounding trees, plants, in any kind of climate you will not have to concern yourself with your time being short lived. The architectural feature helps your home blend into the environment and allows natural light to be ideal to entertain.

Cleaner Swimming Pool And Patio

Florida residents occasionally receive dust flowed over from Africa, which usually affects the air quality for many residents. This can cause harm to people with asthma and other respiratory diseases. These dust particles are fine and harmful to the lungs.

The addition of a lanai enclosure will protect you from sun and will enjoy a relaxed moment in your home, this will also keep your patio and swimming pool clean from dust, leaves and other small debris, as well. Lanai enclosure will diffidently reduce the cost of maintaining the pool and keep it clean, making it easy to maintain because most particles can’t get through.

Can Withstand Powerful Elements

Lanai enclosure architectural designs can withstand Florida tropical weather mainly the tropical heat, humidity, heavy rainfall and strong winds. The enclosure can withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour hence designed to withstand the test of time and rarely get damaged easily.


The Advantages of Having a Lanai Enclosure On Your Florida Home

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