How to Design a Marketable Print for Clothing

When it comes to selling different kinds of clothing, there are certain prints and patterns that tend to be elevated from the rest of the pack. Whereas some sellers depend on trends to market their clothing, there are specific designs that have a timeless quality. It is the reason why even after many years, they never seem to go out of style.

Being able to build a marketable design is all about trying to imitate the timeless quality that some prints have. Here are just a few tips when designing the best image for your clothing to further increase the chances that it gets sold.

Get your point across as soon as possible

One of the reasons why some designs sell more than others is their ability to get their point across within a specific time-frame. More often than not, a potential buyer will only spare a few seconds to look at your designs before continuing their search. If your message is not correctly conveyed within those few seconds, it is likely that very few will end up buying your merchandise. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers, and try to figure out what designs would get your attention when there are so many other articles of clothing. Click to read more about the how to design your t-shirts.

Simple is best: the art of merging ideas

One tactic to help get your point across would be to join ideas rather than over-complicate the print. As much as possible, consider combining ideas into a single image – prioritizing simplicity over everything else. After all, some of the most popular brands around are quite simple in design! If you are unable to fit all of your ideas into a single image, try to work with fewer ideas. While inspiration might give you plenty of ideas, it is vital to note that most people will only spare a moment for your design. By keeping things simple, you are making it easier to catch the attention of potential customers.

Take your time when designing your merchandise

Whether you are selling personalized shirts or are looking to print your own tote bags, it can be all too easy to get things wrong if you decide to rush things. You might think that going the simple route makes things more comfortable, and while that is true to an extent, trying to merge your ideas into a simple image is easier said than done. Do not be afraid to take your time when it comes to figuring out what to print on your clothing. You can also look at some of the more timeless clothing designs for a bit of inspiration.

It is one thing to sell personalized clothing, and another thing entirely to be successful in such an endeavor. If you want to minimize risk while at the same time making things easier for yourself, following the tips above will help guarantee that you can sell your personalized merchandise. Keep things simple, and the results might surprise you!



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