How to Enjoy The Perfect Campervan Holiday With the Family

If you’ve bought a campervan, chances are you are looking forward to using it to spend quality time with your family. Whether that means the grandchildren on the occasional weekend or your young kids for the whole summer holiday, a campervan gives you the freedom and adventure you need for a fun family trip.

The trick to enjoying a fantastic motor-home holiday with the family is preparation. Spend a little time preparing for your trip and you will enjoy a less stressful, more exciting time in your Hymer campervan. You’ll create perfect memories and you can use your planning to form a handy checklist you can easily use the next time you go away with your kids.

  1. Use Tech for the Perfect Journey

The journey to your initial destination sets the tone for the entire trip. A stressful time spent wrestling with an out-of-date road-map and discovering the road you want to take no longer exists, can often end in arguments and bad feeling. Use Google Maps on your phone to plan and direct your journey. But don’t rely totally on one phone – batteries die and signals disappear; load your journey details on a back-up phone and have a traditional map and torch in case you end up without signal at night.

  1. Take Old Fashioned Toys

Have a games console in back-up for use on rainy days but also stock up on screen-free entertainment like footballs, coloring, crafts and games. You’ll find kids are much keener to engage in these “old fashioned” activities when they are in a different environment. And it saves having to charge phones and devices on a constant basis.

  1. Choose the Perfect Site

Pick an ideal campsite and you are much more likely to enjoy a relaxing holiday. When you travel with kids, you’ll need a play area at least and perhaps more entertainment like a swimming pool or games room. But make sure you book a big enough site so you don’t end up too close to your camping neighbors. If the weather is good, being close to the beach means stress-free and easy outings are on your doorstep.

  1. Take Your Bikes

Choose a quiet location and you can enjoy long, relaxing rides with the family and you don’t need to worry about taking the car to the beach or the local shops. Smaller children will enjoy riding their mini vehicles on the campsite, so take these if you have the space.

  1. Keep to Some Kind of Routine

You don’t have to be rigid about a routine but it helps younger kids if there is some kind of structure to the day. Bedtime may be later but keep it under control so everyone gets a chance for some downtime and kids don’t suffer from lack of sleep.

  1. Add Blackout Blinds

Your campervan may be extremely comfortable but it will be much lighter than a bedroom. If you don’t want to wake up at dawn every morning, install blackout blinds to give you all some extra rest.



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